Finished Knife Blanks

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Would you like just the finished blade and no handle? Well now it’s available. If you have desire to put the handle on your own blade then here is the ticket to a personally custom IHK blade with your handle.

  • 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Hand Forged, Hammered
  • Polished or non polished (your choice)
  • Sharpened
  • Hardness: RHC 58-60
  • 1/4″ Pin Holes Pre-drilled
  • Add – on a sheath for any of the knives

(All IHK’s are available in a knife blank / no handle right here …..I plan on adding more knife blanks and photo’s in the near future)

Additional information

Blade Design

Skinner, Sojourner 1/8th thick, Holy Skinner, Serbian Chef Knife, Sojourner 3/16th thick (+ $15.00), Headwaters Knife (+ $15.00), Bush Cleaver (+ $15.00), TEK 3/16th thick (+ $15.00), The Revelator (+ $15.00), Diakonos (Chef Knife) (+ $15.00), Damascus Skinner (+ $20.00), Damascus Tracker (+ $35.00)


No Sheath, Sheath (+ $24.95)

Dangler Attachment

No Dangler, Dangler Attachement (+ $7.99)

50 reviews for Finished Knife Blanks

  1. Benjamin K.

    Artwork in steel
    Very sharp. Beautiful craftsmanship. Excellent service. Honored to own three of these. Already received many compliments.

  2. Alice A.

    Handmade IH Knives hand forged in the USA.
    IH Knives provides the very best handmade knives with high carbon steel and full tang construction.

  3. Harry W.

    knife blank
    I received this knife laying on time and it was exactly what was pictured. Very nice knife nice quality nice edge. He happy with this knife blank and would recommend it

  4. Jim G.

    A Thing Of Beauty
    I bought the Sorjouner blade blank after searching for an interesting and great looking knife, it hasn’t disappointed- sharp, shiny and well made, can’t wait to start working on it. Also, James’ customer service is fantastic.

  5. Ryan L.

    Great looking knife. Can’t wait
    Great looking knife. Can’t wait to start skinning

  6. Jacob W.

    Very sharp, beautiful work, and throws sparks very well. Thank you.

  7. Harry W.

    knife blanks
    This is my second Knife blank that I bought. The quality on both of them was what I expected. They came in a timely manner and came very sharp. I will be getting some more

  8. Casey S.

    I am excited about making the knife.
    My only complaint is that the picture online made the knife blank look more gnarly than it was. It is unusual, tho, and will make a wonderful knife.

  9. Ralf R.

    It’s great. lightweight Beautiful Finish
    It’s great. lightweight Beautiful Finish and razor sharp

  10. Michael R.

    Knife blank
    Great quality knife and sheath. Looking forward to building it. We had some trouble with USPS, but James took care of it to allow timely delivery.

  11. YVR K.

    wow, what a blade
    I just started making knives, well putting handles on other people’s blades so far. I bought the 3/16 Sojourner and man is this a thick blade. Sharp too! The texture/finish is so great looking I hate to use the knife. No worries though, almost all of my knives are tools that I abuse, no regrets.

  12. Dennis L.

    Very sharp and waiting for scale material

  13. Bart G.

    Finished knife blanks
    The best quality blanks I’ve ever had I want to order a Bowie blank a chef blank and a sword of the spirit blank please tell me that is possible thank you Bart Gilley 918-618-3677

  14. Mark D.

    Two incredible blanks—damascus and hammered
    James does BEAUTIFUL work. Each blank is absolutely perfect and just what I had ordered and envisioned. His blades are an incredible value, works of art and you won’t be disappointed. I’m SO glad I found his website and learned of his story. I’m eager to order again and saving for a tracker and sojourner. Thank you James. I’m thrilled to be a customer!

  15. Vicente M.

    skinner finnished knife blank
    Just finished placing mammoth scales on my IHK skinner finished blank and it looks fantastic. The steel looks great and is very sharp. I ordered 2 blanks and I will definitely be ordering more in the near future.

  16. Kate L.

    Great customer service and great product!!
    Amazing customer service and an amazing product! Can’t wait to gift this to my dad.

  17. Charles Z.

    First purchase
    Having just rec the skinner blanks I have yet to finish them but I am greatly impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the feel of the blanks. For sure I will most certainly make other purchases as the $ & quality of the blade are far better than in other place.

  18. Charles Z.

    A happy returning customer.
    After red my initial skinners I was impressed enough to return and pick up the Chopper and the TEK along w a couple of sheaths. They arrived today and I am even more impressed now. Now I am just waiting on my all black Chopper to be finished and shipped…

  19. Jeremiah S.

    Beautiful Blanks!
    Ordered the TEK and Sajourner knife blanks so I could put my own scales on. Arrived on time and undamaged. Sojourner is amazing looking with a mirror finish grind that is scary sharp right out of the box. TEK is awesome as well with jet black bluing, although not as sharp as Sojourner still able to slice paper nicely. Would recommend to fellow knife lovers! Read Less

  20. Gabe W.

    Wow what a wonderful damascus knife
    Wow the quality of this damascus knife blank is just top notch,
    Hand made with a hammer and anvil to boot and the price and postage to tasmania was much less that I would have thought possible thank you so much!
    I have done a youtube video which can be found here

  21. Trek V.

    Excellent product!
    Purchased some chef knife blanks and they were even better than I’d hoped! Definitely will be back for more!

  22. Jack R.

    Finished knife blank
    Another work of art from James at Indy Hammered Knives. Happily recommended

  23. Regina F.

    Great looking knife.
    Great looking knife.

  24. TIM F.

    Nice Knives – Slow USPS Shipping Process
    Would have given 5 stars except the USPS shipping took a while to get this going. Also, asked for the blades to be unpolished and they came polished. Not a huge deal but just would have provided a different look to the finished product.

  25. Joe C.

    Love my Sojourner
    The blade came in a timely fashion. Sharp and beautiful. I got the 1/8 thick version. I have ordered blanks in the past from other sources and Ihe Sojourner by far is my favorite!! a real keeper!! I had a great time making my own handle and sheath. I forced a patina on it twice. The first time with mustard. I wasn’t fond of the mustard result. I buffed it out to a high shine and decided to give it another go. This time I used apple cider vinegar and boiled it (saw a how-to on youtube) first time I removed oils with rubbing alcohol. I had a narrow jar and poured in a cup of hot vinegar for two minutes. Washed the blade and I reheated vinegar and did for ten minutes. Washed it & reheated vinegar and did the last time for thirty minutes. I buffed a little bit with fine steel wool. I then oiled a bit wth olive oil. I did this after I put on a handle (careful not to have my handle in the hot vinegar) Next time I would do this to the blade before puting on a handle.
    So happy!!! The patina was a very even look. I wanted this to be a backwoods tool and even though I really liked the shiny look I must say I like the patina look even better…And i believe it will be less likely to rust.

    So, so very happy with this purchase. Maybe next year I will buy again. I would highly recommend James for his skill and great service.

  26. Glenn P.

    Superb Quality
    The craftsmanship and aesthetics of this blade is amazing! Perfect size and style for a DIY skinner kit you can put together yourself to add your own flare to. Word of caution if your not accustomed to working with sharp knives use extra caution because they come razor honed. Best part is they’re made in the USA. Will definitely purchase more blanks from here.

  27. Charles Z.

    Top notch
    Having made several purchases over the last couple of years i am impressed with the quality of workmanship, fairly prices and fast shipping.
    The personal email contact certainly add to the business – customer relationship

  28. Neal H.

    Sojourner Blank
    Great blade, perfect size and balance. Cannot wait to handle and begin carrying.

  29. Jerry E.

    Holy skinner purchase
    As always a great product

  30. Jeffrey W.

    The Revelator
    Beautiful blade! As a Chef I’ve bought about a dozen blanks from different sources for kitchen knives, but this blade is in a league above any I’ve ever had or seen.

  31. Sébastien Q.

    Juste parfait
    Encore mieux en vrai !

  32. patrick F.


  33. charles d.

    High quality and I love the hammer marks. It’ll be a gorgeous knife when I am done

  34. Tim D.

    New ‘Bush Cleaver’ Blade
    Just received my Bush Cleaver blank. Polished & lookin awesome. Lots of plans for completing w/ the handle. Great lookin blade.

  35. Michelle L.

    An highly refined “primitive” blade
    Review: Indi Hammered Knives’ “Sojourner”
    April, 2020

    A fan of Dave Canterbury, my search for a bushcraft knife blank that was a cut above” what you find on Amazon or Cabella’s began at the Pathfinder knife Shop. Canterbury has amassed a collection of complete knives and offers the promise of offering blanks alone. I say promise because I tracked his web site over some months and found that his Pathfinder blanks are all eternally “out of stock.”

    That’s too bad because I build semi-custom knives by putting high-end handles on the highest quality commercially available blade blanks. The Pathfinder knives were priced well and just what I wanted; a hand made beefy carbon steel blade with a traditional appearance. At first I didn’t find such a beast so I bought a Condor blank and put some gorgeous desert ironwood scales on it. It is a beautiful blade but not enough “meat” to be put to the “hard use” I anticipated for my waistside companion to withstand.

    As time went by, my search for my ideal blade continued but only slim pickings were to be found. My choices were limited to a few really expensive (we’re talking hundreds of dollars), or cheap mass-produce blades that scattered the internet. Nothing in between for this mountain wilderness-loving gal.

    After some time, James Wahls’ “Indy Hammered Knives” appeared on my radar. I don’t know how I missed IHK for so long, but when I did find it I felt like I had come home after a long and arduous journey. Why? Because James somehow he makes the very kind of blades I had been seeking. Purpose-built designs hand made by a Master bladesmith. Many of his knives are, in fact, made for my kind of purpose(s) – living in the outdoors, making fires, camps, hunting and fishing, simple bushcraft, even picnicking. I was doubly excited to find that James offers finished blade blanks. Exactly what I had I had in mind!

    It was then a matter of deciding which blade? Though he offers most if not all of his knives as finished blanks, one stands out, the “Sojoiurner.” James lays claim to having collaborated with Dave Canterbury. One might actually ber avle to figure tha out given the similarity between the Sojourner and Canterbury’s “Pathfinder” blades. One big difference, though, and that is the extra step of leaving forging msrks on the finished blade and the additional step of polishing the result. In a word, IHK blades “Pop!”

    So the Sojourner was my choice, but there was one further decision, the blade’s thickness. It was actually an easy decision for me. I wanted a nice, beefy blade for some of the tasks I have in store, such as chopping and batoning, and the heavy lifting of field dressing game. So that’s what I ordered, a Sojourner in 3/16” thickness.

    I had one special request that James was happy to honor. I wanted a lanyard hole. Though James felt that there isn’t enough room for a separate hole, James re-positioned the rear pin hole further back thaan usual, into which I placed a tube rather than a pin. What a joy it was to find a bladesmith the caliber of James Wahl who is willing to modify his basic design to better accommodate my needs. I couldn’t ask for more.

    It didn’t take me long to dive into finishing my knife. I started immediately on opening my package. I had a gorgeous set of maple burl handle scales ready to go. A day later, I had it. Knock-down beautiful and just the right “heft.” Only two steps remained. Being a professional leatherworker, I was looking forward to building a custom bushcraft-style sheath. And I did want to make one significant change in the appearance of James’ handiwork. To my eye, the Sojourner captures both the spirit and appearance of a blade that Jim Bridger or Kit Carson might have carried. Except for one thing, that high polish featured on stock Sojourners. So I forced a patina using vinegar and mustard. With that my dreams of an authentic hand-forged custom bushcraft-style knife were finally realized. Al that remained was sharpening it. Once I did that I knew that James’ choice 1095 blade was spot-on.

    This blade can cut!

    Thank You, James Wahl.

  36. devon s.

    Finished knife blank
    Awesome knife blank finished with a razor sharp edge. Feels great in the hand and can’t wait to get some scales on it and finish

  37. Erik K.

    incomplete order
    The blank and scales arrived, but no sheath. No indication with the delivery papers wether the sheath has been shipped separately, or this is an Oops. Hopefully this will be read and the issue addressed.

  38. Rich F.

    Love the knife and ur
    Love the knife and ur attention to detail

    But I did call u and left a message I never received the sheath
    It shows it on my receipt

    Hoping u can fix that for me

  39. Linda W.

    5 star!
    5 star!

  40. Kevin M.

    Diakonos is great
    Purchased a Diakonos blank. Fantastic quality using handmade American steel. Buy American and buy the best.

  41. Wesley W.

    Excellent knife blades
    Excellent craftsmanship

  42. Jon D.

    Awesome Headwaters
    I purchased a unpolished Headwaters blank.. This knife is beautiful.. It sits naturally in my hand and has a presence. Love everything about it.. I also picked up a black leather sheath with the dangler on it. It fits the knife perfectly and is very high quality.. thank you for a fantastic product.

  43. Timothy B.

    Chef knife
    The combination of great customer service and beautiful craftsmanship exceeded my expectations.
    The mosaic pins and the Ironwood scales are fantastic.

  44. Joe G.

    Great new EDC
    Very sturdy blade and razor sharp already. Excited to put some redwood burl scales on and put it to use

  45. Don P.

    Wicked cool knife
    Wicked cool knife

  46. Greg S.

    Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Extremely
    Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Extremely sharp right from the get go. Can not wait to put this together and start using it. Love the hammered look in the blade too.

  47. Joseph G.

    Damascus Knife Blank
    I ordered the Damascus steel knife blank as part of a gift. The knife blank was shipped very quickly and was great looking on arrival. The blade had a nice shape and was ready to add knife scales. I added purpleheart wood for the handle material and it looked awesome with the Damascus steel blade.

    I would highly recommend IHKnives for any finished knives or blanks. I am looking forward to attending the knifemaking class sometime in the future.

  48. Tom M.

    Knife blades.
    Great lookin knife blades.I will order more.

  49. Chris K.

    It looks Great! I love
    It looks Great! I love it!

  50. Matthew R.

    Holy Skinner Blank
    Just received my Holy Skinner blank and it was perfect! James worked with me to get the perfect balance halfway between a polished finish and full mill scale (dark). The knife looks great and the kydex sheath is awesome. Can’t wait to add some awesome handle material, but in the meantime I keep picking it up and playing with it 24/7. It will be a perfect Skinner for my next elk or deer!

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