Hand Forged Skinning Knife – The IHK Skinner

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Hand-Forged 8 Inch Skinner

The IHK Skinner

This hand forged skinning knife is by far the most popular in the line up of all IHK!!!

I originally designed this knife (which was the second one I ever designed) to be my one go to skinning knife. Usually when skinning or processing game (most specifically deer) I usually had 3 knives that I would use, my butcher knife, my filet knife and a pocket knife.

I wanted one knife that would do it all. One that had a handle thick enough that would prevent my hand from cramping or getting tight (hand fatigue from a skinny handle). I wanted a knife that would not slip and most importantly one that would work like a scalpal (this drop point is similar to the older pointer skinners of yesteryear).

Lastly, I wanted it to be safe for all and any tasks out in the field, which is why I made the belly deep and a nice choil so my finger couldn’t slip up on the blade.

All these details are certainly the reason for it’s popularity let alone it’s absolute stunning Beauty!!!

  • 1095 Hand Forged, Hammered, High Carbon Steel – 1/8th in thick
  • 8″ overall
  • 4″ blade
  • Convex Edge
  • Choose your handle

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(These are just a few of the handle options in a vast world of handles – If you have a special request just send me an email: jamesc.wahls@gmail.com and I can probably get you anything you can think of for handle material!)

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Brown Leather, Black Leather, Black Kevlar Kydex (+ $35.00), Coyote Kydex (+ $35.00)

Handle Type

Olive Wood, Zebra Wood, Curly Maple, Cocobolo, Bloodwood, Desert Ironwood, Black Walnut

73 reviews for Hand Forged Skinning Knife – The IHK Skinner

  1. Tonyalynnr

    COTTON Candy Knife is awesome
    He made me a hand crafted knife it beautiful and sharp love it cheek out his knifes everyone needs one their awesome

  2. Christopher M.

    Great Knife and handle
    Great Knife and handle

  3. Ken J.

    Perfect Knife For Mrs.J
    I surprised my wife awhile back when I ordered the ‘Skinner’ knife for her. I have the Sojourner (which is longer) and she really liked it…

    She absolutely loves this knife, its size, and the beautiful Kirinite handle. Great for working around the ranch… She showed one of her friends the knife (who was very impressed) and the friend asked what she was going to do with it – Mrs.J jokingly said, “Kill a bear!”. The thing is, it probably could 🙂

  4. Jaclyn w.

    My husband loved the knife. It is very beautiful! !

  5. Rick M.

    Kirinite Skinner
    I have been searching for a knife with a Camo Kirinite handle and I came across the IHK Skinner. Having been collecting high end knives for several years I am particular on my purchases. When I received my Skinner in the mail, I was in shock. This is one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen. The craftsmanship is beyond superior and a true example of real knife art. This knife feels great in the hand and the hammered blade is exquisite. Bottom line this is one impressive knife.

  6. DANNY M.

    Skinner reveiw
    Purchased two Skinner blades top quality craftmenship very fast shipping awesome company 5++ stars

  7. Seth H.

    Perfect Gift
    Perfect gift! What a beautiful hand crafted knife; the handle material is high quality,smooth and fits blade perfectly; the blade is hammer forged and high polished with a sharp cutting edge, Knife Maker was helpful and met every request. Unbelievable value for such a work of art, this will defiantly not be my last purchase.

  8. Anthony C.

    Quality knife
    My new favorite knife!!! Quality work with old world talent.

  9. Konrad K.

    The IHK Skinner
    I couldn’t be happier with the knife. It is a true work of art. Thank you James!

  10. Wayne B.

    When you look at the knife and hold it in your hand, a “light” comes on and you realize that this is a special tool and not something that you will find in your local sporting goods store. But I knew this before i made my purchase because a friend showed me his IHK knife last year and i was impressed with the workmanship, the balance and the overall quality (including the sheath). Great, product!

  11. Juli W.

    Beautiful, one of a kind knives
    I bought 6 of these knives for my Husband and 5 sons for Christmas. They are just gorgeous! The handles all look different and the blades are hammered. Truly looks like a piece of art. They all loved this gift! Thanks James, you are very talented!

  12. JOE S.

    My first custom
    I chose the IHK skinner. I asked for and received custom black pearl kirinite scales. The hammer forged blade is unique. Gives it a look and feel that is like nothing else ive seen. The leather work is perfect. I like will be buying more . If i could change 1 thing it would be to round off the scales more than they are right now. But that is a small thing. Im very happy with this. Goes every where with me.

  13. William D.

    Craftsmanship and Artistry that reflects a Master Bladesmiths Passion for his Trade
    First of all, A genuine pleasure to do business with! That being said, If you love knives and believe that a fine blade should first and foremost fulfill it’s purpose as a tool, Then the beauty,balance and unique character of this mans knives will literally stun you. A pleasure to the eye, and a delight to hold. I bought the first one as a gift for my son’s Birthday, he is tough to please as his work as a SpecOps Combat Air Medic makes him extremely critical of Tools of the trade. Am waiting for the second as a gift to his mom and then… Finally a couple for me. I trust the man and admire his blades. Rare praise from a picky old man, Thank You James! I’ll be back! lolol

  14. Darren W.

    Darren Wells (Australia)
    Wow, i just received the shipment.. The IHK skinner is a work of art. I ordered one to check out the quality but will be ordering more for sure! The camp utensil kit and sewing awl are great. The packaging, finish and quality were better than expected. The knife is sharp out of the box. Attention to detail, service all above expectations.
    Thankyou James. Hopefully we can visit the forge in the not to distant future.

  15. Nick C.

    Happy Hoosier
    I ordered my knife and had it in less than a week. I came just like the description said it would and I love it. You will definitely have a return customer.

  16. Ashley F.

    Amazing Design!
    Ordered as a gift and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Incredible detail and makes it one of a kind! Thanks so much!!

  17. Paul A.

    Excellent Craftsmanship
    I am blown away by how beautiful this knife is. The quality and craftmanship are top notch. This this is also the sharpest knife I’ve had straight out of the box.

  18. Sarah M.

    Amazingly beautiful!
    What beautiful works of art! My husband is excited to carry and use such unique and high quality knives with him!

  19. Terry J.

    IHK Skinner
    The knife was very well made. Maybe a little lighter weight than I expected but still outstanding.
    The blade itself was not very sharp but being a high carbon blade I will have no problem touching it up.
    The fero rod with the handle to match the knife handle was a very nice touch as were the matching beads on the knife lanyard.
    The leather sheath was made very well and compliments the knife very nicely. This job was well done all the way around.

  20. Paul H.

    IHK skinner
    A beautiful knife. Well constructed.

  21. Thomas W.

    Knife arrived with a rolled
    Knife arrived with a rolled edge
    dull on 1″ of the length

  22. chad h.

    Quality blade
    Received my knife with a slight tip deformation that interrupts the smooth flow from the tip to the cutting edge and ironwood scales were not the traditional iron coloring in my opinion, very light orange color with not much dark rich color that is traditional. But I can not fault them on the raw material used in the scale. Quality blade bit with slight appearance irregularities.

  23. mike f.


  24. Brandon H.

    Couldn’t be happier
    Ordered on short notice, but got three beautiful knifes as gifts for my wedding. The craftsmanship is superb and truly unique. A pleasure doing business with this maker and his company.

  25. Wayne T.

    IHK Skinner
    Handle feels good, like the wood & the hammered look got a compliment from
    a fellow knife buff.

  26. Doyle s.

    The link skimmer knive
    I recently purchase this nice knive for a birthday gift it is a awesome peace of craftsmanship !! I was very satisfied. My son and law was very happy and lovedit

  27. Cresence H.

    The hammered skinner exceded my expectations. Beautifully executed with some of the hammer marks still on the blade.And what is a blade if not VERY sharp…it is. Thank you

  28. Leslie N.

    Absolutely amazing
    This is seriously the most beautiful custom made knife I’ve ever seen. There’s really no comparison from the stuff you see at the store. You have GOT to get one and see for yourself!

  29. Darren

    Ihk skinner
    Beautiful craftsmanship and absolutely one of a kind. James does amazing work and great services. You have to get one if truly serious about quality,strength and useability.

  30. Nathan L.

    Great knife!
    Well made and very sharp. Couldn’t be happier.

  31. Jason T.

    Even though the knife isn’t
    Even though the knife isn’t exactly what I was looking for, and I returned it, the knife was of great quality and craftsmanship. Also james the owner was very nice to do business with and when I talked to him about wanting to return the knife, he was very nice about it and understanding.

  32. Chip S.

    IHK Skinner
    Another beautiful knife from James. The knife was a gift so I was very conscious of both the prentation and look of the blade as well as timely delivery.
    James came through with an amazing looking product and fantastic customer service! Five star experience all around!

  33. John D.

    Beautiful knives
    I just received the knives. They are absolutely remarkable! They are exactly what I was looking for. I am proud to give one as a gift to a dear friend who is a avid outdoorsman. These are true heirloom pieces that he and I will pass down to our sons.

  34. Jess K.

    IHK Skinner
    Beautiful craftsmanship, both in the quality and artistic execution. My husband loves it, as do all his friends that he’s shown. Hope to pass some business on to you.

  35. Michael S.

    Both knives turned it great.

  36. JIM G.

    The Skinner
    Love my new IHK Skinner, solid built, well balenced fits perfect in my hand and incredibly sharp. And. It looks so beautiful too. It’s everything you would ever want in a functional ethesthetically pleasing knife. Use it everyday it’s the total package.

  37. Roger U.

    Great craftmanship!
    Great craftmanship!

  38. Dylan H.

    Expected a finer polish on the bevel and the edge wasn’t very sharp. Other than that everything was perfect.

  39. DACK G.

    Superb craftsmanship. I love my new knife.

  40. Troy W.

    Great knife
    Really impressed with the knife. I wasn’t sure about the “rough hammered” look but when I received it was very happy. Looks great and I have used it a couple times and feel is very good and edge retention seems good so far in limited use.

  41. Emil G.

    Great craftsmanship. Delivered quickly. No problem with order. Tracking was up to date. All around very happy!

  42. Skyler M.

    IHK Skinner
    Awesome knife! High quality materials, keeps it’s edge, and is easy on the eyes.

  43. Akice T.

    Fantastic IHKnives
    I am so pleased with these knives.

  44. Amanda P.

    Great Knives, and Great Service!
    I am not a knife person at all! Got my boyfriend who’s a knife fanatic one of the in stock knives, got in the mail with in a week or so and it looked exactly as I thought. Gave it to him for our anniversary and and he loved it! He immediately wanted to know where I got it from, and if they were local so he could request another one! And for a non knife person the site was extremely straightforward and easy to manage through! Will definitely use IHK again!

  45. Jim H.

    IHK Skinner
    Have not had the opportunity to use this knife for it’s intended purpose, but it’s exceeded my expectation which was very high. Beautiful blade and scales. Fits the hand perfectly. Wish I needed another.

  46. Harold F.

    Great knives and a great price !
    It was a pleasure doing business with James. His knives are beautiful and he has them very reasonably priced. Knowing the hard work and love James put into making each knife makes them very special.
    Anyone looking for a great knife and and honest God loving man you don’t have to look any further.

  47. Travis C.

    Bama purchase
    This knife is beautiful, very well made, handles amazingly, and came hair splitting sharp!! Will buying others for sure and telling everyone i know, thanks!

  48. Irvin R.

    Absolutely love it

  49. Anthony G.

    great knife , sharp and beautiful!

  50. Casey C.

    Quality knife, very detailed. I
    Quality knife, very detailed. I will buy more.

  51. Linda P.

    Beautiful knife……….
    Beautiful knife……….

  52. Susan K.

    These knives are beautiful. I cannot wait to see my 15 and 18 yo grandsons whom deer hunt – expression when they open on Christmas. Thank you for this special gift

  53. Ruth H.

    Cousin Charlie’s knife
    Cousin is delighted with it and when and if he can make it
    to Indy from Crawfordsville, he wants to visit your shop.

  54. Ed B.

    Throwing knife
    To get a handmade throwing knife with a sheath for $30 is such a great deal. The knife is beautiful. I would buy from James again. Highly recommended.

  55. Blair S.

    Great knife
    Built for skinning. Sturdy and beautiful.

  56. Sharon B.

    Quality craftsmanship!
    Love this knife. Beautifully built. This is my first IHK but will not be my last.

  57. David L.

    Nice skinner
    Beautiful knife with a very sharp edge. Have not had the chance to skin anything with it yet. Very comfortable to hold and nice balance.

  58. Brian H.

    IHK Skinner
    The pictures don’t do it justice. The looks, the balance and feel have to be experienced in person. Hope to use it for it’s intended purpose this fall. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

  59. Corey S.

    Beautiful blade
    The marks on the blade lend it a very unique appearance, as mine will be unique to that particular forging. Very much a joy to behold and came to me quite short. I’d sort of like to be able to wait to review it until I’ve used it this deer season, but I don’t want to forget to comment on how wonderful it seems so far.

    Highly recommend you get the sheath with the dangler, as it makes it feel much better on the hip.

  60. Patrick R.

    Great quality
    I am looking forward to using this knife during the upcoming hunting season. It is a beautiful knife and seems sturdy and sharp. Would recommend off of the looks alone. Hope to get lots of use out of this.

  61. William C.

    Bill C
    Very well-made

  62. James N.

    Hand Forged Skinning Knife
    Best knife I’ve ever brought. I will be buying more knifes from Indy Hammered knifes to add to my collection.

  63. Robyn L.

    Anniversary Gift
    My husband has been following the company for awhile — so I knew just what to get him! He was very pleased with his knife.

  64. Michael T.

    IHKnives Skinner
    I recently ordered the IHK Skinner. The knife I received today (22-OCT-2020) is both very functional and aesthetically pleasing. It will be used this Saturday in the field as I purchased this knife for just that, every day field use. I plan to update my review if the knife porforms as well as I beleive it will. Mr. Wahls appears to be a very talened blacksmith and knife maker and I look forward to doing additional business should the Skinner perform as expected. Thank you Mr. Wahls for making my personal IHK Skinner!

  65. Gary F.

    A beautifull knife
    A beautifull knife

  66. Clayton C.

    Impeccable Attention to Detail
    I bought this knife as a gift for Christmas. The craftsmanship that went into this it is evident with its beautiful finish, hand forged design, and its sharp blade.

    I would definitely buy this knife again, and from this seller again.

  67. Jamin S.

    The knife was handmade exactly
    The knife was handmade exactly to order. High quality and something that you just can’t get anywhere. I purchased it as a gift for a family member and I almost want to keep it for myself.

  68. David C.


  69. Darrell F.

    Awesome knife
    Great knife, quality is spot on and razor sharp. Quick delivery

  70. Paul y.

    Epic as usual
    Always the best knives here

  71. Art M.

    Perfect knife!!!
    Perfect knife!!!

  72. Phillip M.

    A beautiful blade and a great balance. I highly recommend.

  73. Steve B.

    I bought this skinner for my dads birthday….first time I’ve seen him speechless in 35 yrs. THANKYOU JAMES

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