The Sojourner – 1095 High Carbon Steel – Hammered Polished Blade

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Sojourner 1095 Hammered Polished Blade

The Sojourner by Indy Hammered Knives

Check out the review on this knife by Modern Survival Blog click here!!!

Now in a Heavy Duty Version as requested!!!!! Same knife just 3/16th thick!!!!!

Multiple Sheath Options in both Black and Brown – you pick!

The term Sojourner is mentioned throughout the Old Testament and as my pastor and friend always says, “if it’s repeated, it’s important”. The design for this knife came from literally thousands of hours in the field, thousands of different designs and multiple knife makers so this is my absolutely my “go to” knife for everything in the woods and is by far my personal favorite knife for all the above mentioned.

It is also special to me since it is my second design ever and decided from that point on, that all my knives names and designs should have just as much meaning as this one. This is not only a beautiful handmade, hand-forged knife, it is a essential field tool that will last multiple lifetimes.

  • 10″ overall length
  •  5″ blade – 1/8th” thick (or now in 3/16th heavy duty version)
  •  Hand Forged – Hammered and Polished 1095 High Carbon Steel
  •  Handmade Premium Leather Sheath
  •  Convex Grind
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness (HRC)
  •  Lifetime Warranty and Free Lifetime Restoration

Please choose from the selected handle options (pictured) and liners or send an email with any special order handle request. Enjoy and God Bless!!

(These are just a few of the handle options in a vast world of handles – If you have a special request just send me an email: and I can probably get you anything you can think of for handle material!)

Additional information

Handle Type

Olive Wood, Curly Maple, Zebra Wood, Birdseye Maple, Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood, Bloodwood, Black Walnut

Blade Thickness

1/8th inch, 3/16th inch (heavy duty) (+ $25.00)

74 reviews for The Sojourner – 1095 High Carbon Steel – Hammered Polished Blade

  1. Ken J.

    A Well Balanced, Solid, One-of-a-kind Knife
    When I first handled the knife, I immediately noticed (felt) how it balanced ‘just right’ in my hand. It was a natural fit. It becomes immediately recognizable that each and every knife is unique and there can be no two alike, being hand made. The hand crafted handle (in my case, ‘Ironwood’) is yet another unique ‘fingerprint’ of the knife. Very nice. The blade is sharp enough to slice through paper, and its solid heft and hardness should last ‘forever’. I would recommend this knife for anyone looking for a unique life-lasting hand crafted very functional knife, Made in the USA. Nice job James…

  2. Robert

    Custom Sojourner for myself and a friend who served together in the Navy
    I bought two knives from James. One for myself and another for a guy that was in the military at the same time. I requested our insignia for our Navy rate to be engraved on the blades. I just received the knives and they look better than I expected. Amazing workmanship with flawless execution. Delivered on time with the tracking info so I could keep an eye on the shipment while it was enroute.

  3. Brian T.

    Sojourner review by B. Teague
    I held off on giving a review until I got to try the knife out and see how well it done in the field as apposed just the looks and feel.

    I will start with the looks and the feel of the knife. The knife itself is a absolute work of art. You will be hard pressed to find one that looks better. I ordered mine with the desert ironwood handle. It was fitted perfectly to the full tang handle and the two mosaic pins really make the handle “pop”. The knife has a sharpened 90-degree spine that is a must have on a bushcraft knife. The handle allows you to get a good “high” grip when doing small work like notches. The blade is approx. 5” with a flat grind.

    The knife made short work of battonning wood. It had a good purchase on the wood and split it well. The lack of a lanyard hole made it a little dangerous when doing hard pressing work. The knife was also able to make a spark to ignite char cloth. It was fairly easy to get a fire going with this knife with the flint and steel method. It did mar the spine a little but that is to be expected. However the fire prep was a little difficult with this knife. While I was able to make decent feather sticks a scandi grind would make the job a little easier. Also making primitive traps proved to be a little more difficult but it was do to the flat grind. On processing game it worked well (I used it on a chicken for dinner). Much like a butcher knife, by far one of the better knives you can get for game processing. The sheath was very nice but was lacking a place for a ferro rod.

    I gave this knife 4 stars. To make it five stars the following would need to be done.

    1. 1/2” – ¾” scandi grind on the blade.
    2. A lanyard hole.
    3. A place for a ferro rod on the sheath.

    Customer service however was 5 stars all around.

  4. William T.

    Just opened the box today. Gift for myself. Great quality. Can’t wait to throw it on my belt.

  5. Roy H.

    Incredible knife
    I’ve shown it off to other knife makers, to friends and can’t wait to use it in the field. If it’s quality your looking for, you will find it here. If it’s personal customer service your looking for, it’s here. I am a proud owner of a fine quality knife.

  6. Dirk W.

    Very pleased with the knife .
    in fact I’m ordering a second knife on the first. My 30 year old son saw this awesome knife and I ended up giving this one to him. No worries, he, also,enjoys top line kit.

    Looking forward to doing more business with these fine folks.

    Dirk Williams

  7. Paul E.

    Sojourner Bush knife
    I recently received my knife from IHK and it is beautiful. The quality of all components on the knife are top quality. The sheath is simple but gorgeous, nice leather work. It has been on my belt since I unpackaged it. Thank you for a great product.

  8. brian c.

    Great knife
    I bought this as a gift for my brother. His words were “Hands down, the best knife I’ve ever owned”. With initials engraved on it making it a special order it still arrived in a matter of days. Can’t wait to make another purchase.

  9. Jack G.

    Money well spent
    Exceeds all my expectations, an instant family heirloom and treasure. Money well spent, I appreciate the time, effort and incredible skill that went into creating my knife.

  10. Mickey O.

    Knives of a Lifetime
    My son and I collaborated to choose the details for these knives, knowing that they would become part of our family legacy. We didn’t want mere showcase knives, we want to use them so, over time, they acquire the marks of lives lived. This way, when we pass them to our grandsons, they’ll hold a bit of our lives in their hands. In the Sojourners, we believe we’ve found inter-generational durability along with elegance of design and utility. And, thank you, James, for working with us to engrave our ancient tribal emblem on the blades. They’re beautiful, rugged, and feel great in the hand.

  11. Mark R.

    Great knife
    Sojourner was a great quality knife. A work of art.

  12. Steve C.

    Beautiful Knife
    Haven’t used knife as of yet looks like quality work. Only disappointed in one thing, didn’t realize it would be so shiny and polished. I wanted a more rustic looking knife, but I’m sure it will be fine.

  13. Rachel K.

    Excellent Knife
    I’ll start by saying that I don’t know much about knives, so I can’t say much about it’s functionality or feel or anything like that. What I can say; however, is that it is a beautiful, masterfully crafted piece. The hammer marks left on the blade are a great touch, showing that it was hand-crafted, while not taking away from the simple shape and design of the knife. I purchased this as a gift for my brother and added a laser etching of his initials, which I could not have been happier with. This is a knife he will likely have (and more importantly, use) for his entire life.

  14. mike f.

    sojourner heavy duty
    this is a beautiful knife, great craftsmenship, and this is going to be my new everyday knife.

  15. Geno F.

    Outstanding blade. Great design, craftsmanship and materials choice. The balance is perfect and it is razor sharp. A perfect bush blade. I would like to see a lanyard hole option but it may not be possible given the location of handle rivet. I’ll probably order another one for my son for Christmas and one for myself in the thicker model.

  16. Michael H.

    The Sojourner
    Another great high quality knife, useing it as my bush craft knife and love it, would highly recommend. Thankyou again for a high quality knife to pass down to my son when he’s ready.

  17. Linda L.

    Great Purchase!
    I purchased this knife as a gift for my husband, and he loved it! I know nothing about knives, but I was quickly impressed by the quality as well as the beauty of this item! Well done!

  18. Jeremiah B.

    That kid on Christmas
    Excitement. You know, when you open that memorable Christmas gift from your childhood. It’s that feeling when you hold this knife for the first time. The first time I held my Sojourney I felt the connection. So much I instantly ordered a Skinner for my best friend for his birthday. Heavy (happy I chose the heavy duty), balanced and feels right in my hand. This complete package give you confidence and satisfaction that this blade will pass down. On the ferro stick, this knife sparked up a shower of sparks that lit up my petroleum soaked cotton balls. Dryer lint; one slash. Razor sharp (don’t hesitate on a strop) and above all, your are holding a man’s passion. A true work of art. Thank you James.

  19. Ethan K.

    Great knife
    The knife is amazing; it has a stunning look, gorgeous sheath and Razer sharp edge. It only has one flaw and that is that it doesn’t hold an edge all too well

  20. David L.

    Fellow Midwesterner loves the knife and the story.
    I ordered the Sojourner and couldn’t be more pleased. The wood selected for the handle and its beautiful grain finish off a well balanced, hand forged work of art. I have owned many hand forged blades by some well known makers. This is right along side the best of them at a far more reasonable price.
    I love your story too. By buying one of your blades I smile. Gives me hope that all of us can break out of the drudgery of our career paths, and do something we love, and make a living at it. Good for you man. Dave L. Dayton , Oh

  21. Marcia M.

    I think the knife is beautiful and can not wait for Christmas morning for my new man to open

  22. Mark M.

    It is a beautiful knife
    It is a beautiful knife I have many knives and have just started to make knives of my own, I’m also a full time hunting guide and honestly for this price I don’t see how you do it . I have much more expensive knives and this one far surpasses them all in quality and looks. Thank you for an amazing product I will Cary this knife daily for many year to come . .stay sharp sam milligan

  23. Shawn M.

    An instant heirloom
    This knife is precision crafted and simply a work of art. I’m so impressed with the craftsmanship and it will be passed on to my son one day.

  24. John D.

    Beautiful knives
    I just received the knives and they are truly remarkable and a work of art! I can’t wait to use mine and am proud to give the other as a gift to a dear friend who is an avid outdoorsman. They are definitely heirloom pieces that we will be able to pass down to our sons!

  25. Adrian L.

    I purchased two knives, a Skinner and sojourner. Both knives are a work of art. The wife and I are very pleased

  26. brian c.

    Sojourner Knife
    Beautifully balanced blade with a finely detailed handle. The blade is as advertised- spectacular.

  27. Brian p.

    The knife is gorgeous. Nice
    The knife is gorgeous. Nice thickness to the blade and feels great in my hand. Excellent quality.

  28. Dwight B.


  29. Daniel P.


  30. Deborah O.

    Extremely satisfied

  31. Mark H.

    The Sojourner – Amazing
    The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful. The knife cam razor sharp. Well worth the money! I look forward to buying other knives from IHK.

  32. Jack R.

    This knife is absolutely AWESOME! I stopped in to meet James on the weekend before he started working on my knife. Great guy, and an awesome shop. I received my knife about a week later. It’s a great piece of work. I tend to check out his next class in progress, to see if I can physically handle doing it. Highly recommend James and his work.

  33. Keith C.

    Excellent value for the kind of craftsmanship you get. The knife is well balanced and feels excellent in hand.

  34. Alfredo

    The Sojourner – 1095 High Carbon Steel – Hammered Polished Blade
    Just 3 words, beautiful beautiful beautiful knive. Very well made, well balanced, it’s the kind of knive you would like to have every day and keep for your heritage. Very happy with this purchase especially when I got the heavy duty version although ordered the standard version. Many thanks James for that !! ( but you should probably review your order processing system…)
    Anyway, I ‘ll enjoy you knive here in the Patagonian! Many thanks again for your work!

  35. Theresa K.

    I’m the best wife ever 🙂
    Got this for a gift for my hubbs. He loves it. Had to show everyone at work. Everyone asks where he got it. We have already ordered one for me now too!

  36. Jason H.

    Awesome craftsmanship
    Love my knife. Such quality work

  37. Myron C.

    Knives with personality
    I traveled to James shop with my son to see and hold the product before committing. I was not disappointed. These knives talked to me as soon as I Held them. They have great fit and finish. I bought three that will be presents. I’ll be back for more.

  38. Brad R.

    Great knife
    You guys make some great knives
    However I thought it was a kit, my bad I would love for to send me info on those but as far as quality fit and finish one of the best knives I’ve see and I have some high end knives

  39. Kenneth G.

    Beautiful, Sojourner
    Disclaimer, I left a review on other page also but my opinion is the same, I’m very happy with it . It is a gift for a close friend that is an outdoorsman. This is also a second purchase for me . I own the Skinner I highly recommend it also . Thanks again for the beautiful knife it will be cherished

  40. Kenny G.

    Beautiful piece of art.
    Awesome knife, can’t wait for my friend to receive it, he is an avid outdoorsman. I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Side note the shipping was quick by the way I’m a very happy customer this is my second purchase. I purchased the Damascus skinner for myself.

  41. Eric M.

    Great Knife
    If you have an interest in handmade knives, you can’t go wrong with The Sojourner from I. H. Knives. It is a true work of hand-forged art at a price that will tempt you to buy several more with various choices of handle scale woods.

  42. David P.

    Very nice love it looking forward to another.

  43. Bob C.

    Beautiful knife
    This knife is absolutely fabulous! Razor sharp, beautifully crafted, a real work of art.

  44. Terry S.

    Great Knife, Love it. 👍
    Great Knife, Love it. 👍

  45. William R.

    A Piece of Craftsmanship
    The knife I received was absolutely stunning. The quality and craftsmanship were top notch. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high-end knife that’s built to last.

  46. Dale S.

    Awesome knife
    I got caught up in the Christmas rush so shipping was a little longer but still quick considering when I ordered it. It’s a beautiful piece of hand crafted steel I will buy more knifes from this man. I bought it for a backpacking companion and haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I see no reason why it won’t be a great piece to pack around in the mountains of KY. I got the dangler sheath and it’s a nice piece of craftsmanship by itself this guy does great work.

  47. Craig C.

    Great knife
    Great knife love it

  48. Tommy D.

    Awesome Knife and Awesome Testimony
    Actually didn’t know Indy Hammered Knives existed until I was looking on the internet one day and saw an article about Cody from Dual Survival that lead me down a rabbit hole of epic proportions. Finally landing on an old article of knife makers that mentioned Jeff White. I love knives and appreciate the hard work that goes into hand forging a knife, and I own several hundred knives from several small knife makers. I own a couple from Jeff White and always have liked his style of knife and in the article it mentioned James Wahls was trained by Jeff. So I continued to pursue James Wahls on the Internet and came across the Indy Hammered Knives web site. After reading his story and how he got his start I wanted one of his knives. The fact that he was a man of faith and was born again in life from an executive director of a nursing home to a blacksmith and born again through Christ. That testimony called to me and that made owning one of his knives even more special. I ordered the Sojourner because of the biblical reference and it’s the style knife I prefer in an outdoor knife. Ordering was a breeze and when it got to me and I unboxed it I was more than impressed. You’ll notice when you look and hold the knife that it has a Jeff White Bushcraft style and feel, which is a great design I think. Then as you compare them side by side you notice a considerable difference. The Sojourner is a beautiful knife, heirloom quality and for the price it’s well worth it. I hated to use it but I took it on a two week trip with me to the woods as the only knife I would use. I cut, notched, whittled, batoned( yes I did) and did various other tasks with it, such as ferro rod striker, and flint and steel. Etc. This knife held up perfectly and the edge retention was amazing. Never lost the working edge and with a few strops on the leather it was back to hair popping sharp. Not to take away from Jeff Whites knife, but the Sojourner is the better of the two. In this case I believe the student out did the teacher. Awesome knife and Awesome Testimony, thank you James Wahls for giving me the opportunity to enjoy both.

  49. Kyle C.

    Love it… my 2and one
    Love it… my 2and one

  50. Zach N.

    Amazing Knives
    Amazing knives, quality craftsmanship and great customer service. These knives are something to truly be proud of. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful gift for a loved one.

  51. Michael S.

    I have a number of custom knives
    I think this one has a great design and has exceptional manufacturing details. The scales are beautiful. My two boys are collectors and will have to have one or more of these knives

  52. Isaac H.

    We got this for our daughter. For her 18th birthday. It was so beautiful and so well done. She absolutely loved it She wasn’t sure she would want to take it hunting it is that beautiful. Thank you very much for a really fantastic job.

  53. Sondra F.

    Beautiful work , excellent. My
    Beautiful work , excellent. My husband loved it . Will be ordering again , soon . Thank you

  54. Toby B.

    Beautiful knife with the best quality and craftsmanship

  55. Chris H.

    The knife is gorgeous and
    The knife is gorgeous and customer service was great!

  56. Christopher C.

    Awesome Knife!
    Wow! The Sojourner I received is truly a work of art and thing of beauty! James said it would be beautiful and he was absolutely right! I love it! Definitely am going to look to add another couple of Indy Hammered knives to my collection in the future based on my purchase. Could not be happier!

  57. Nancy O.

    The knife is very special in many ways. First, my wife thought of getting me this knife for my 80th birthday. Secondly, the fact that she spoke directly to James and that he made the knife after their talk, and then in reading James story, the knife became more special. I know this knife will be passed down to younger generations when I am gone. The craftsmanship if beautiful.

  58. Darial S.

    3/16 hammered steel heavy duty sojourner
    Absolutely beautiful knife… Very best camp/trail knife I have ever owed.

  59. Rob G.

    Beautiful knife
    It’s beautiful and came quickly with the handle I ordered. Happy with it. The sheath isn’t great, but passable.

  60. William C.

    Bill C
    Beautiful work can’t wait to use it

  61. neil w.

    Great knife
    Awesome knife, looks great, feels even better!

  62. Jerry B.

    recently purchased the Sojourner and the craftsmanship and the balance is outstanding. Would recommend this blade to anyone that wants a everyday carry knife or for the outdoorsman that cleans and butchers his own meat. One of the finer knifes I personally, have handled. Great job INDY HAMMERED KNIFES.

  63. David S.

    Great quality excellent arrival time.
    Great quality excellent arrival time. You’ll be impressed. Don’t waste your time on a store bought assembly line brand

  64. Jack S.

    Nice knife
    The knife is what I thought it would be except for the handle. I paid extra to upgrade the handle and am a little disappointed that the secondary color doesn’t stand out as much. The pictures on the website had the lighter color really stand out, mine don’t.

  65. Christopher H.

    The perfect woodland companion
    I ordered the 3/16th heavy duty with cocobolo scales. The knife was shipped and received very quickly with no fuss. My first impression so far is how comfortable the design is to work with, I took this knife out to split small fuel and it took little to no damage when using a baton; glided right through the wood. The spine is nicely angled and sharp, it threw sparks from my ferro rod amazingly. For the grind, the angle is perfect for small carving. The current project is carving a bucksaw and so far it’s been amazingly simple to use as well as being a beautifully crafted piece. The sheath that comes with it fits the blade snugly and the design is simple, yet attractive and durable.

  66. Lacy S.


  67. Leon D.


  68. Mark S.

    Beautiful gift!
    Got this knife as a high school graduation gift for my grandson. Had it engraved with his initials on the blade. He loved and did I.

  69. Stephanie B.

    A very good knife. I
    A very good knife. I have used it hiking…it’s perfect. I like the name and the story behind it!

  70. igor k.

    hand forged knife
    i received the knife on sept. 6. i classify this knife for the outdoorsman. fit,finish and grind is beyoud reproach. i batonned dry oak, dried white spruce and dried twisted maple. no issues. i cleaned northern pike(fillet and scaled) shaved frozen whitefish. scraped moose antler. cut 1/2 bushel of shaving for the wood stoves. there were no edge problems with retention or edge crumbling so why not a great rating. the handle specifically the sharp edges on the scallops. wheter battoning or feathersticking the hand always makes contact with the sharp edges. it forces an adjustement. this should not happen. when battoning the knife has a tendency to slip back towards the handle at times making contact with the wood. a less fastidious outdoorsman would not notice this and on the next strike would contact the wood with the scallop edge. all the wood was 3 inches in diameter and 16 inches long. could you tell me the oil finish on the handle.

    i am very pleased with this knife as i can perform all tasks required for fishing,bushcrafting and hunting.

    thank you for well crafted knife.


  71. James P.

    I bought this knife as
    I bought this knife as a gift for my father. Liked it so much I bought one for myself. Thanks.

  72. Greg W.

    Original Hand made Quality
    There is nothing better than owning a one of – a beautiful knife, so well made my a great craftsman – saving for my next one – Greg

  73. Gary G.

    Amazing knife!
    I got the 3/8 inch blade with an ironwood handle. Sturdy and beautiful. Amazing knife!

  74. Mike T.

    The Sojourner – 1095 High Carbon Steel
    I already own the Skinner and wanted The Sojourner. James was quite patient with me as I described the EXACT wood grain I was hoping to get. He provided me with a knife that exceeded my expectations. I actually use these knives for processing the game I harvest and I will continue to do so. I absolutely love the look of a hand hammered knife as well as the desert ironwood scales James made sure to fit to my knife with care and precision. Thank you James and God Bless and continue to watch over you.

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