• 1862 Inspired Leather Bed Roll Harness, Wool Blanket Combo


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    NOW A COMBO!!!!! Includes: Leather Bed Roll Harness, Navy Blue Wool Blanket and Leather IHK Logo Patch. Save Big!!!!

    Check out this awesome review to see what this kit can really do  in an actual field test by the 7 P's Blog!!!!!

    Blanket rolls have been seen on soldiers from all over the world throughout history. Even up to World War II soldiers have used this tried and true way of carrying their belongings and the American Civil War is no exception. The use of the blanket roll in the War Between the States is highly documented in both written accounts and in photographs. These men prided themselves in efficiently and effectively packing light. Furthermore, there is no reason to sacrifice or incur unnecessary discomfort to pack lightly, just pack wisely! It was nothing that your ancestors could not overcome and therefore it is nothing that you cannot overcome! I have pictured a sample essentials pack with my awesome new bed harness, inspired using a pattern from 1862 and we are able to offer you this essential pack piece at a deal that is almost $80 less than anywhere else on the market!

    Material used is as follows:
    8/9oz rich deep brown drum dyed and oiled vegetable tan cowhide. 
    The shoulder strap is a max length of 60” and is 1 inch wide.
    Should pad is 3” x 12”.
    Each bed roll strap is 42”X 3/4”.
    Separator strap is 12”x3/4”.
    Nickel Plated Trigger Snaps and D Rings.
    Nickel Plated Double Cap High Pressure Rivets.


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