• "Ben's Favorite" - The Old World Quill Pen by IHK


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    "Ben's Favorite" - The Old World Quill Pen by IHK

    So why would a blacksmith be making an authentic Turkey Feather Quill Pen you ask? Because I wanted one and didn't want to buy one! In my previous career I did spend a lot of time singing a LOT of documents and chose to use a felt pen.

    So lately in studying more about our Forefathers I did happen to notice quite a few sketches of some pretty fancy Quill Pens and with a lot of parts from different knife builds in the past, I had everything I needed to make my own except for high quality "Pen Nib's" which I did find and purchase in bulk. So after some time writing with this instrument in my leather journal, I did decide to make more and provide this to those of you who also love Old World instruments and tools.

    This Quill also comes with everything you need to get started writing right away!

    • Authentic Turkey Feather Quill
    • Ornate Finger Hold to include an interchangeable fine point nib
    • Handmade Ceramic Pen Holder
    • 1/2 oz of black quill ink
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