• Classic Safety Razors with Custom Handles


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    The Classic Safety Razor with Custom Handles

    All things old become new!!!! This vintage style classic safety razor is a completely unique and perfect gift for the discerning individual who enjoys the finer things and prefers to be just a "cut above" the rest of the pack!!!!(please note this razor is perfect for the ladies as well and comes in pink!).

    These are hand made by a friend of mine that I recently met at a local show here in Indy and Cody does amazing work with the same exotic materials that I use for all of my knives and is a small Hoosier business right here in Indy as well!

    • Solid Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Removable Head for Easy Blade Exchange
    • Comes with 10 Dorco Platinum Disposable Safety Razor Blades
    • Pick any handle you like! (see photo's of material below).
    • Add on a beautiful hand made leather travel case and save $10.00 as a combo!!!!
    • Lifetime Warranty


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