• Copper Bracelet - Hand Forged


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    This item is out of stock

    Hand Forged - Hammered Copper Bracelet

    So who knew that copper had so many benefits other than just being a great medium for spacers, bolsters and the like for my custom knives!? 

    So I had all of this great copper laying around the shop that I picked up a long time ago from my friends at Metal Supermarkets - Jesse Johnson, and needed a new bracelet and really wanted to try out my "new to me" old world 100+ year old wooden "club" hammer! Copper has a plethora of healing modalities and benefits as well as a very nice workable metal (ever since the first blacksmith Tubal-Caine forged metal). 

    So this is what I came up with!

    But here is the real question........would anyone want one of these? I can make them with or without the IHK Touchmark (logo). Men's or women's.

    1/8th inch thick, 3/4" wide, heavy copper, forged and hammered, then all edges ground and polished to a mirror finish. Mill scale (black carbon from the forging process left on to help naturally protect from aging and oxidizing (green patina). Adjustable to fit anyone's wrist since copper is so soft and pliable (just specify men's or women's). Nice soft antiqued look and can comes with a gift box.

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