• Custom Bowie Knife


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    The Custom Bowie by Indy Hammered Knives

    (This bowie has been discontinued, however I have a brand new bowie design coming out very soon ~ "The Othniel" so please stay tuned)

    This beautiful battle horse was originally commissioned by an active duty marine stationed in Okinawa who wanted a hand forged blade to carry that would handle anything and everything that active duty might entail. He wanted a classic design but with some good old Gil Hibben (my favorite Hall of Famer Knife Maker) flare / design (thus the forward sweeping design of the front hilt / bolster / guard).

    This Knife weighs slightly under 18 oz and is 10 3/8th inches overall. Incredibly balanced and ergonomically perfect (as perfect as a hand made knife can ever be). Heavy Naval Brass was used for the bolsters and dense and incredibly stable, nearly indestructable exhibition desert Ironwood was used for the handle adding not only exquisite beauty but strength and additional balancing weight.

    • Hand Forged, Hammered, Polished 1095 High Carbon Steel
    • 10 3/8th inches overall length
    • 5 3/4 inch Blade
    • 5 3/4 inch Handle
    • 2 inch Naval Brass Hilt and Pommel
    • 1/4 inch brass mosaic pins
    • Exhibition Desert Ironwood Handle
    • Custom Leather Sheath
    • Lifetime Warranty


    Indy Hammered Knives