• French Trade Knife - Jeff White Limited Edition

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    French Trade Knife - Jeff White Limited Edition

    You may or may not know who Jeff White is and that is ok.  Jeff truly is the Father of my Craft, as he was my Master Smith as I apprenticed under him in 2013.  He is the one who taught this poor, humble man to create something not only beautiful but, something certainly intentional with my hands.  He also found me at a time in my life where everything was changing. (Please take a look at the video below for more info on why and how I make my knives).

    Our paths came together over this French Trade Knife that I purchased from him the first time we met.

    Jeff White, Master Smith, forged and made handcrafted knives for over 25 years in Peru, Indiana.  He has now since retired.  I recreated to the best of my ability his Marquee French Trade Knife and will be offering it only for a very limited time.

    • Hand Forged, Hammered 1095 High Carbon Steel
    • 11inches overall - 6inch blade, 1/8inch Thick
    • Razor Sharp Convex Edge
    • Mill Scale Black Blade
    • Tiger Striped Curly Maple - Handle
    • Handmade Oiled Leather Sheath - Brown or Black

    What is a French Trade Knife

    They are called "trade knives" because these styles were favored by the French Colonial fur traders.  Trade Knives were used as a form of practical currency, and took up less space and weight in their pack.  So, these knives were especially useful in trading with the Native Americans, because they did not have the ability to make anything from metal.  Native Americans relied on European traders for all of their metal items, and knives were understandably a very popular item for them to trade for.

    Please watch the video for more details and the touching story below:

    Indy Hammered Knives