• Antique Powder Horn


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    Typical of Fur Trade Era horns, these have custom fitted, incised carved base plugs with turned finials for easy filling. All wood parts, including the turned stoppers, are made from walnut colored hardwood. An added neck detail is a carved groove for the latigo shoulder cord. These are good, serviceable horns, light- weight and nicely shaped, and polished to a handsome finish.

    Powder horns, most commonly used with eighteenth century muskets, were used to carry gunpowder. Powder horns were generally crafted from a cow or buffalo horn, along with nonferrous metal parts to ensured that the powder would not be detonated by sparks during storage and loading. Horn was also naturally waterproof and already hollow inside, so it made a perfect choice from readily available material.

    Own a piece of history as in America, a number of period horns dating from the French and Indian War throughout the American Revolution and beyond, have been preserved in private and other collections. Many decorated examples shed light on the life and history of the individuals that used them, and can be classified as a medium of folk art! This was a staple for the longhunter.

    • 10-14" Genuine Buffalo Horn (each horn is extremely unique)
    • Hand carved base plugs with turned finials
    • 1/2" Hand Dyed Leather Strap


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