• High Carbon Steel Blanket Cloak Pin


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    Comes with burlap bag and you choose brass or high carbon steel - forged pin. I offer quantity discounts and dealer pricing for these!

    The Blanket or Cloak Pin or the Penannular(Anglo/Saxon) use was for the original cloak. During the Civil war it was called a “Great Coat Pin”. The greatcoat was designed for moderate to extreme cold weather. As such, it usually is a bit too much to wear while on campaign. Even though soldiers traveled lightly, the soldiers usually retained their greatcoats, unless they were ordered to turn their coats in to be reissued in the fall when the armies went into “winter quarters”. If cooler weather occurred before the fall issue of the coats, the soldiers had to improvise. Instead of the coat, they would wrap their blankets over their shoulders, and secure them in place with the uniform belt or blanket / cloak pin. The one item of winter kit that will be the most appreciated is the great coat / wool blanket. It is both a blanket and protection against all but the worst weather. You should certainly not leave the comforts of home without it!!


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