• Intermediate Knife Making Class

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    Intermediate Knife Making Class

    If the date you would like is full or there are no spots left and still would like to gift this to someone special, please consider a gift certificate for a future class, this is also the way to pre-register for an upcoming class to insure that you secure a spot, since these do sell out very fast.

    To purchase a gift certificate for this Knife Making Class click this link here: Knife Making Class Gift Certificate

    Intermediate Knife Making Class: This intermediate level class is specifically for those who want to expand on their basic knowledge of blacksmithing and blade-smithing, learned in our Foundational 2 Day Knife Making Class, or who feel they have the experience to take their skills to the next level. If you have not taken one of our other classes it is recommended but not required. 

    We are meticulous with planning and preparations have been made and tweaked in order for you to have the most amazing experience entering the Old World Craft of Hand Forging Knives. 

    We will be using the Old World Technique of Forging our Steel to Shape only using the Fire, The Anvil and our Hammer. 

    This will be a One Day Class (9a.m-5p.m.)

    A One Month Full Access Pass to the Membership Program is INCLUDED with this class.

    Please note - this is a working class, not a talking class! We will be teaching using a method of E.D.I. (Educate, Demonstrate and Imitate)

    What you will learn:

    • Shop Safety (First and Foremost a safe class is priority No 1.
    • Proper Knife Design - Learn what it means to make a "Safe Knife" and what it means when we say "Every Ounce Counts"
    • Forging Steel to Shape
    • How to properly Draw out your steel and manage the process
    • Forging Techniques: Proper Hammer Control, Critical Temperature, Critical Temperature and Quench
    • Normalizing, Annealing, Hardening and Tempering
    • Grinding in Bevels

    What is Provided:

    • State of the Art, World Class 3,000 square foot facility
    • Each student has their own forge, anvil and grinders
    • We provide anvils and forges (if you have your own tongs and hammers, bring them, otherwise you can use ours)
    • 1095 High Carbon Steel 
    • Small Class Size (6 students per class with 2 instructors)

    Monthly Membership Included

    • A One Month (30 day) Trial Membership - Full Access pass to the Planet Fitness of Forges is included with this class as you will not be able to fully complete a finished knife in one day
    • For more information on what "Membership" means please click the link: The Indy Forge

    General Information:

    • Once registered, you will receive additional home study materials (Curriculum) as well as a liability waiver that needs to be completed prior to the scheduled class
    • You must be 18y/o to attend the class. If you are under 18 and over 14y/o you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • You should bring a notebook and pen to keep notes and tips
    • You must wear safety glasses
    • You must wear appropriate footwear (full ankle shoes, preferable leather boots if possible)
    • You must wear pants, jeans or canvas
    • Bring snacks and drinks to keep yourself hydrated as well as fueled.

    And if you like what you see but want to see more, please visit our Facebook page

    to see al the pervious students in action: Indy Hammered Knives - Facebook

    Cancellation Policy: Extreme care and planning goes into every class with regards to supplies, schedules and instructors so that it is an amazing experience every time. No refund will be given for cancelations (no rescheduling). 

    Indy Hammered Knives