• Karambit Trainer


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    The Custom Karambit Trainer

    Mr. Tuttle (a local customer and new friend) has come up with an amazing karambit design for himself and many of his friends that train in self defense and martial arts. What better to go with this awesome design than a trainer!

    This trainer is exactly the same specs as the Custom Karambit but will not be sharp nor have a handle. This will be a 1095 High Carbon Steel, Forged / Heat treated and hammered blade, skeletonized so will have the exact same feel and weight as the actual Karambit. The entire blade will be hammered and will be polished so it will be the perfect trainer, perfectly balanced and absolutely unique as well as beautiful!

    (special note, since this trainer will be forged and hardened exactly like the actual karambit, it can always be sharpened later if that is something you would like).


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