• Leather Sheath Dangler Attachment


    Leather Sheath Dangler Attachment

    Make any leather sheath a dangler (my personal favorite way to carry any knife).

    The leather dangler allows for your knife to "dangle" from your belt rather than be a fixed stationary carry. I find that sometimes with a larger knife the handle tends to dig into my side above the belt when bending and squatting during tasks in the field. The dangler allows for my knife to move with me allowing me easy access when in the squatting position. 

    A nice addition to any sheath (black or brown your choice) at a great price!!!!

    • A 100% High Quality Leather 
    • Sheath Dangler that is designed to work with any sheath. 
    • Leather piece is approx 4" long x 1" wide with a 1 1/4" ring.
    • No Logo (not necessary and a little overkill so I decided to leave it off the newest ones)


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