• Wool Blanket


    Navy Blue Wool Blanket

    Please note that with every purchase of a wool blanket one will be donated to the local homeless shelter or individuals that are found to be in need of a warm wool blanket. So please know that when you are warming yourself with one of God’s most wonderful and natural creations you are assisting a neighbor in need!!!!

                       60" x 80" - 80% wool /20% blend

    Wool: The Wonder Fiber

    Wool is actually a sophisticated web of fibers that may well be the most versatile and useful animal product on EarthWool has some unique properties that make it one of nature's most amazing fibers. Firstly, wool is resistant to fire. Wool is also a pretty smart insulator. Think of it like a thermos for your body -- it can keep you warm or cool depending on your needs. It keeps you warm without overheating your body and in the Sahara Desert, Bedouins wear thin wool to keep them cool in the searing heat. The secret to both of these facts are the tiny pockets of air within each wool fiber that provide both insulation and breathability. Wool is also able to soak up as much as 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, which is one of the reasons it can still keep you warm even in the rain [source: American Sheep Industry Association]. The fibers have a natural crimp that helps to wick moisture away from the body. Getting this moisture off your bare skin is a key element to keeping warm in wet conditions. But there are some other more complex elements to the wool fiber that aid in warming you in the wetness, as well…………what more could you ask for in a product to help you fight the elements! (if you would like to read more on the wonderful science of wool please read on at: 


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