• Oilskin Haversack


    The Oilskin Haversack - Made by my friends at Panther Primitives here in the USA (same as the Canteen shop and Pathfinder, however my price is usually lower and without the goofy stitched on logo which I can't help but think would compromise the waterproofing) is perfect for light scouts and day hikes. Perfect carry size, and a must for period reenactments. Heavy duty construction, double stitched, reinforced 2" wide chest strap, repels water, and has an inner pocket under the flap. 

    This is my only carry when climbing the 14'rs in Colorado!! (please note the picture on the summit of Mt. Elbert, I ended up carrying a brothers pack that packed a little too heavy -- no names mentioned for anonymity (ha)!) And as Kevin states in the video below it does double as a great pillow (as the picture shows at the trailhead, post climb!)

    • Measures 12" x 14" 
    • Pocket inside the flap for extra storage
    • Handcrafted 

    Made in USA 

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