• Patriot Package - Fight Government Overreach


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    Today we say......Enough is Enough!!! Government Overreach has reached its limit and "We the People" whom "they" work for say no more!

    Here at Indy Hammered Knives we call ourselves Patriots and Constitutionalists. That means that we love this country and value our freedom and the cost of that freedom that was paid by the blood of our Founding Fathers - The Son's of Liberty. We are not just hearers but doers.

    This Patriot Package was designed and created by myself for the sole intention of starting good conversations with those we love and those who may or may not be aware of the condition and state of affairs in our country. We also want to fight back, lawfully, and by that said, we here at IHK are doing just that. We are currently taking up a case against our Indiana Governor - Eric Holcomb for his breach of the constitution, in which he took an oath to uphold that for our sake and he has transgressed just like many of our Governors have done for the past several months.

    What does that mean James, well if you feel like there is nothing "we" can do or "what can I do"? Well be part of the RESISTANCE, join the FIGHT for our God Given Rights and protect our liberty and freedom by purchasing this package. 50% or each sale will be designated to the case and the legal fight that we are undertaking which will be expensive, says our lawyers, since the Government that we are lawfully fighting has an endless supply of resources and money (in which we give them in taxes) to fight us. And disappointingly as my lawyers have told us, is now the new "cost of doing business" in America.

    Lets band together and join forces to END the Tyranny and Honor our Forefathers and Heritage of Freedom. 

    • The Constitution of the United States - Which include the Declaration of Independence and Writings of our Founding Fathers, Articles of Confederation, leather bound and produced by Barnes and Noble. Timeless Heirloom Quality.
    • The IHK Liberty T-shirt baring the original national symbol suggested by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson - "Resistance to Tyrants IS Obedience to God"
    • The IHK Liberty Hat

    God Bless You All Brother and Sisters!!

    Joshua 1:9 - "Be Strong and Courageous!!! Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go!!"

    Indy Hammered Knives