• Rail Road Spike Knife


    The Rail Road Spike Knife by IHK!

    This knife is in response to one of the two most frequently asked questions that I get when I'm at a knife show:

    1. Where are you from? (which has to be my favorite!)

    2. Do you make rail road spike knives?

    My first response was always "why" which here is a great article articulating my concern and reason for the question: 

    Click Here to read the article from Hammered Out Bits

    However, after you read the article all of the concerns that I and the author have about used spikes are solved by the fact that my spikes are new, unused 1095 high carbon steel that I have made for me specifically so the forging process is completely under my control.

    So now I can say yes, yes I do make rail road spike knives, instead of my old answer of why?

    My concern with rail road spikes that you find along the tracks are that they are forged sometimes from various quality of steels, not always high carbon (the ones that have HC on the head let us know that they are at least 1075-1095). If not marked that way then there is really no way to know what quality of steel was used. Secondly, the forging process on an item for this type of particular use isn't always of the best process since all it has to do is act like a big nail, so often there are stress cracks and other critical point imperfections. So I usually would ask why make a knife out of something like this when I could use fresh 1095 High Carbon Steel and forge something perfectly, and then it dawned on me, because they are cool and so then this knife creation was made!

    I have spikes made from from fresh 1095 High Carbon Steel and forge the blade myself, now removing any imperfections or forging process errors found in most rail road spikes. You will notice the difference from an unused new or fresh spike vs an old spike by looking at the head (see the pictures of the old vs the new).

    So since I can use good fresh steel and forge the blade from start to finish like the rest of my blades, then I can also guarantee this one for life, like the rest of the IHK knives!

    So here it is and it is very very cool, and very very unique. It has a great feel in the hand, and more than just looking cool it is extremely functional and works very much like a nice and heavy field butcher knife or utility, plus it is completely indestructible and the handle doubles as a hammer!

    • 9 1/4 inch Overall, 4 1/2 inch Blade
    • Made from new 1095 High Carbon Steel
    • Razor Sharp Convex grind
    • Hand Forged, Twisted Handles
    • Polished and non polished as options
    • 10 oz weight
    • Custom Leather Sheath
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Indy Hammered Knives