• Rare Shapleigh Pocket Knife - Bone Handle Diamond Edge Pocket Knife


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    Rare Shapleigh Pocket Knife - Bone Handle Diamond Edge Pocket Knife

    Extremely RARE and Excellent Condition for the extreme vintage knife collector

    Measures about 2 7/8" closed x 1/8" thick
    Condition - Excellent
    One side of blade marked Shapleigh HDW CO
    No chips or cracks on bovine bone (the highly sought after "greenbone") handles and has original DE trademark logo shield

    Shapleigh Hardware company was making knives way back in the early 1800's. Based on the marking on the knife and the time line they used those markings, this knife was probably made prior to the Civil War

    DE stands for Diamond Edge which was the logo adopted by Shapleigh in 1864

    By the late 1800's, Shapleigh Hardware was a well-established, healthy and successful enterprise. It incorporated under the name of A.F. Shapleigh and Cantwell Hardware Company, with A.F. as the president. It published its first general catalog featuring over 200 different items in 1880. Upon the retirement of Mr. Cantwell in 1886, the firm became A.F. Shapleigh’s company again.

    In 1918, the company became Shapleigh Hardware Company. They bought the assets of Geller-Ward- Hasner in 1937. After the bankruptcy and closing of Simmons Hardware, they bought its entire stock in 1940. 

    Own a piece of true (and very rare) history today!!

    This maker of edge tools, hand grinders, cutlery, etc. can trace its existence back as far as 1847, when Shapleigh, Day & Co. was founded by August Frederick Shapley, and Thomas D. Day. Meanwhile, Edward Campbell Simmons started operating as a hardware merchant in about 1868. In about 1870 E. C. Simmons had some sort of association with Shapleigh, and they started using the Keen Kutter brand name on many of the products they sold. The Oak Leaf was used on lower-cost versions of those products. In 1872 Simmons incorporated as E. C. Simmons & Co.

    * Like stated above several times, this is a one of a kind and of course I only have one - this will be shipped and packaged with extreme care and due to the nature of this knife there will be no returns on this item - please do not hesitate to contact me directly prior to purchase if you have any questions at 317-513-0857 or email me a jamesc.wahls@gmail.com. Sale is final and no returns will be offered on any of the vintage knives on this section of my website so please make sure this is something you want. *

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