• Shrade Thunderbird Scrimshaw Limited Edition Lockblade Pocket Knife w/ Sheath and Box


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    Rare Shrade Thunderbird Scrimshaw Limited Edition

    Extremely RARE and Excellent Condition for the extreme vintage knife collector

    Measures: about 5" closed 

    Blade: 4" long

    Serial Number: 0058
    Condition - Excellent - Mint
    Issued: 1981

    Made in USA

    Complete with Box and Sheath

    The Shrade Thunderbird Scrimshaw Limited Edition Lockblade Pocket Knife w/ Sheath and Box was made by Shrade Cutlery Corp. in the USA. The Thunderbird is the first of the limited edition series of Shrade knives honoring American Indians.

    It was released in 1981 and is serial number 0058 of 10,000 made. The front of the knife shows the Mounted American Indiana with the coup pole.  The back shows the mythical Thunderbird. The sheath is genuine leather with a suede finish.

    Covering the sheath is the symbol of the Thunderbird made of hand sewn beads. This was obtained from an previous Knife Shop Dealer in the 80's and was part of a personal collection. This was never used and was kept pristinely in an air controlled safe since purchased.

    Everyone has a maker they like to collect and Vintage Shrade Cutlery and Shrade-Walden (even older) are part of my personal collection. I have been collecting for many years and this is the first Thunderbird I have ever seen in person and never have I ever seen a 40 year old knife look so absolutely perfect and in such mint condition. This one is extremely rare and such a low serial number out of a very limited run. 

    * Like stated above several times, this is a one of a kind and of course I only have one - this will be shipped and packaged with extreme care and due to the nature of this knife there will be no returns on this item - please do not hesitate to contact me directly prior to purchase if you have any questions at 317-513-0857 or email me a jamesc.wahls@gmail.com. Sale is final and no returns will be offered on any of the vintage knives on this section of my website so please make sure this is something you want. *

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