• Hand Forged Skinning Knife - The IHK Skinner


    Hand-Forged 8 Inch Skinner

    The IHK Skinner

    This hand forged skinning knife is by far the most popular in the line up of all IHK!!!

    I originally designed this knife (which was the second one I ever designed) to be my one go to skinning knife. Usually when skinning or processing game (most specifically deer) I usually had 3 knives that I would use, my butcher knife, my filet knife and a pocket knife. 

    I wanted one knife that would do it all. One that had a handle thick enough that would prevent my hand from cramping or getting tight (hand fatigue from a skinny handle). I wanted a knife that would not slip and most importantly one that would work like a scalpal (this drop point is similar to the older pointer skinners of yesteryear). 

    Lastly, I wanted it to be safe for all and any tasks out in the field, which is why I made the belly deep and a nice choil so my finger couldn't slip up on the blade. 

    All these details are certainly the reason for it's popularity let alone it's absolute stunning Beauty!!! 

    • 1095 Hand Forged, Hammered, High Carbon Steel - 1/8th in thick
    • 8" overall
    • 4" blade
    • Convex Edge
    • Choose your handle

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       Amboyna Burl


       Black Buffalo 

       Burgundy Micarta

          Black Micarta

     Olive (OD Green) Micarta

      Desert Camo Kirinite

     Black Pearl Kirinite

    Cotton Candy

    (These are just a few of the handle options in a vast world of handles - If you have a special request just send me an email: jamesc.wahls@gmail.com and I can probably get you anything you can think of for handle material!)


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