• Graber Space Brand - All Weather Blanket


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    The Space Brand All Weather Emergency Blanket is a core component of my carry and an essential for any 5 or 10 C's survival pack. I have used this as shelter in many different parts of the country and at very low temperatures and you will find it holds up to every review that you can find about this amazing and super inexpensive product. (I have yet to hear a bad review on this product anywhere!) Amazingly tough laminate of fiber scrim and aluminized plastic reflects back up to 80% of body heat. Perfect for Shelter to prevent hypothermia, use as a ground cover and so many more uses.

    For a great tutorial on how to set up a shelter in about 5 minutes check out Dave Canterbury's video below.

    • Engineered to reflect and retain over 80% of radiated body heat,
    • Provides the user with warmth, comfort and protection from harsh elements
    • Utilizing a four layer construction technique that gives the blanket dimensional stability
    • Helps keep moisture and dampness away from your sleeping bag or tent floor
    • Developed for the NASA/APOLLO Space Mission

    •         Weight: 12 oz
    •         Dimensions: (open) 5’ x 7’


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