• Steel Arrow Heads (Set of 3) with burlap sack


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    Fresh from the forge!!! High Carbon Steel Arrow Heads (set of three). Great for your kit and / or backpack. Why make a frog or fish gig when you can get this awesome steel arrow head for this great price!!! Packs well and can be easily sharpened to a razors edge. Very unique and simple to use by lashing to any stick or pole. You pick, it comes with a nice burlap sack to carry them in or they store nicely in a steel hinged tin (see pictured options)

    • Approx 3" Long
    • 25 Grams (or 386 grains) weight per arrow head
    • 5/16" Opening Diameter
    • 1075 High Carbon Steel
    • 60 RHC


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