• The Complete Safety Razor Shaving Kit


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    The Complete Safety Razor Shaving Kit 

    The most complete and certainly the most beautiful Safety Razor Kit available!!!!! 

    This kit is the perfect gift for someone who really wants that perfect shave using the "wet shave" method using a classic and solidly built safety razor. 

    What is a wet shave you say James? 

    Well, a truly close shave is dependent upon two very important factors: 1). A superiorly sharp edge, 2). A surface that is "wet" using shaving soap vs the traditional and more common way, with shaving cream (which is considered a "dry" shave believe it or not!

    This Kit Includes everything, right out of the beautiful wood gift box, that you will need for the superior shave:

    • Handmade Custom Classic Safety Razor
    • Your Choice of Handle 
    • Shaving Soap
    • Soap Bowl
    • Boars Hair Shaving Brush
    • Razor and Brush Stand
    • 10 Platinum Dorco Disposable Safety Razors
    • Wooden Gift Box
    • Lifetime Warranty for the Razor (Hardware and Handle not the disposable razors of course!)
    • Add-On a Beautifully Hand Crafted Leather Travel Case and save $10.00!!!


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