• The Sword of the Spirit

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    The Sword of the Spirit 

    So the question is finally answered.......do you make swords? I do now!!! 

    This item is usually left out of stock since it takes much longer to make than most of my knives, if you send me an email and a turn around time of three weeks is ok I will update the quantity for you to place your order.

    The very first Sword of the Spirit that is being given away by my friend and brother in Christ Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty Radio, was the very first blade that these hands ever forged in Jeff White's, Bladesmith shop while apprenticing a very long time ago. It started as a machete but after working it a bit and having the "Whole Armor of God" on my mind while forging I decided to make the "Sword of the Spirit" which in the original Greek translation, the apostle Paul was referring to the short Roman sword (Gladius) that was specifically designed for close hand to hand combat, usually about 18-19" long, 2" wide. With such a special blade in mind it had to be just right so it has taken an immensely long time to complete (mainly some procrastination and production priorities) but it is finally finished. An absolute IHK original!!!!! This sword I am now making and offering from much encouragement from God and my friends simply as a reminder of what offensive piece of armor we already have available to us to fight evil and a reminder to always stay faithful, bold and courageous for Christ! 

    My major reluctance to offer this was I am by no means interested in profiting financially from the Word of God so with that said I would like to donate 50.00 to a charitable organization of your choice with every purchase of the sword and will send each sword out with an ESV Bible. Please just let me know what charitable organization you would like your donation to be made to on your behalf.

    17 1/2" Overall, 11 1/4" Hammered hand forged 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade, 1/8th " thick, 2" wide, slightly under 2lbs. 

    Each Sword comes with a stand for display (although this blade is combat ready!)

    Enjoy and God Bless!!!!

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