• The Ultimate Compact Leather Survival Kit

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    Compact Leather Survival Kit

    The “Ultimate” Compact – Leather Survival Kit

    (30+ piece Kit with leather case)


    Ok so there are almost one million ways to make a survival kit ranging from the DIY Altoid tin kit to the most extreme bug out bags and all things in between. I have been working hard on making one right in the middle to cover essentially the major basics – Fire, Shelter, Water, Food, First Aid – all in the quick pinch survival scenario. I see this kit in your daily commuter bag, purse, glove box and anywhere else you would keep an EDC (Every Day Carry) kit. 

    In a snapshot overview: The tin is used for all the usual, char cloth, etc but in combination with the Fuel Gel makes for a great fuel gel stove that burns hot, clean and just like a Sterno (so boiling water in a pinch even for the novice is a snap). * Tip: place a little bit of the cotton barely into the fuel gel and with one solid strike of the ferrocerium rod ~ WHAMO......you have FIRE!!!!!! *  

    http://youtu.be/xklfUHGexnc           NOW THATS HOT!!!!!!!

    There are plenty of ways to start fire, secure food (from fishing to making snares). The pocket key ring saw is awesome! All of the rest of the gear is essential and multi purpose. There are literally over one hundred scenarios within this kit. The last piece that I wanted to insure is that this kit not cost the moon (like most of the kits out there for purchase). In establishing this price I do not think you could DIY this kit for less. 

    But wait……there's more!!!! Survival doesn't always have “look” tactical. The leather double tin pouch (for this oversized tin is beautiful and looks even better the more it’s used!) Thanks to my friend Casey Samson at Samson Leather this leather case is so nice and who doesn't love leather!!! Getting the ladies to carry this in the purse or stashed in the car will not be a problem!!!


    Survival items in the tin include the following items:

    • Premium Leather Double Tin Pouch – 6” x 4.25”
    • 1.25 oz GI Milpak Fuel Gel (Diethylene Glycol) – Burns clean and orderless for 12-15 min)
    • 4.5” x 3.25” Steel “Antiqued” Tin
    • (2) #420 Stainless Steel Surgical Blades
    • Mini Fire Steel – Ferrocerium Rod w/ Striker
    • Small Water Proof Bag of Cotton
    • Safety Whistle w/ Emergency Medical Identification Card (inside)
    • 24” Key Ring Saw
    • 3 Feet of Copper Line
    • Magnifying Lens
    • (1) Wound Pad
    • (2) Adhesive Strips / Band-aids
    • Pocket Fishing Kit (3 Hooks, 2 Bobbers and (2) sets of fishing line (13 Feet ea)
    • Aluminum Waterproof Medicine Capsule
    • Pocket Sewing Kit (2 Needles – 16 Feet of thread)
    • 5 Safety Pins
    • Candle
    • Stainless Steel Multi-Use Survival Tool

    Indy Hammered Knives