• The "Classic" Straight Razor with Curly Maple Handle


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    This beautiful and classic straight razor is the best way to get the job done. It's been too long since life was so simple that we would just keep this staple bathroom or field kit tool sharp on our own and keep our faces clean shaven. It's too bad we have to fill up our beautiful Earth with disposable plastic razors since we are all so busy that we cannot keep our tools sharp! This makes an excellent gift and is very easy to use! No need to look like Grizzly Adams just because we are out in the woods and our disposable razor broke or dulled out!!!

    • 5/8th wide, 3/16th thick, Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel
    • Hollow Grind
    • 5 1/2in Closed
    • Vintage Gift Box Included
    • Curly Maple Handle with Brass Pins
    Don't forget to get the perfect Heavy Duty - Double Sided Leather Strop! Add it on right here and save $6.00!!!!

    This is a great starter to see if this is what you really want to shave with without spending a fortune. It's also an excellent razor to learn proper honing and stropping techniques which are critical in maintaining a perfect edge which is necessary in shaving with a classic straight razor. Please take a quick look at a great teaching video on stropping and honing a straight razor:


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