Cocobolo Knife Scales



Cocobolo Knife Scales

Cocobolo knife scales are part of the full line of knife making supplies that Indy Hammered Knives are now offering in addition to the complete knife making kit.

*Book Matched means the grain runs true and through both pieces (set of two) see pictures above*

  • 3/8th” thick (x) 1-1/2″ wide (x) 5″ long
  • Book Matched Set (set of two)
  • Does not require stain or dye to achieve the colors pictured
  • Recommended Sealer: Clear or Natural Danish Oil

Cocobolo is a favorite among many knife makers and has been used for a very long time in fine knives and is harvested from the heartwood (or middle) of the tree making it extremely dense and unable to float in water (cocobolo and Ironwood or the only woods so dense that they will not float). Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood native to Central America. This wood is also very oily with a very distinct floral smell when working the wood.

Colors range from dark brown, purple hues, orange and dark yellows making it extremely exotic with solid compressed grain patterns. Highly stable and hard it makes for an excellent handle choice as it will hold up under extreme conditions and is easy to work with in the handcrafting process. Polishes up like glass due to the natural oils and dark hues.

Although there are many sources for cocobolo, none will provide a consistently beautiful and hand selected source as with IHK.  Scales come in high ranges in color and variations with rich orange and sometimes yellow colors unlike many which just range in the dark more plain browns.

Want to learn more about Cocobolo and where it comes from? Click the link below

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in