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Knife Making Classes – Knife Academe

(Please note if a class date says out of stock then it is FULL and sold out)

If the date you would like is full or there are no spots left and still would like to gift this to someone special, please consider a gift certificate for a future class, this is also the way to pre-register for an upcoming class to insure that you secure a spot, since these do sell out very fast.


Meticulous planning and preparations have been made and tweaked in order for you to have the most amazing experience entering into the old world craft of hand forging knives.

Have you watched enough YouTube videos, been intrigued by the show Forged in Fire, or had a unfulfilled dream of working steel into an artistic, multi-generational and timeless piece to be handed down in your family for some time now but not sure how to get started. Well, here it is.

You will start with raw materials and within two 8 hour days, leave with a finished knife. One to be very proud of! One that I will consider an honor to have my “crossed IHK hammers” on as well by successfully passing on a set of skills worthy!

Classes are normally a Friday – Saturday or Saturday – Sunday (9a.m-5p.m). (please review the dates you choose carefully as they vary)

Please note – this is a working class, not a talking class! (I will teach using a method of E.D.I.(Educate, Demonstrate, Imitate). We have taken a lot of time to make this the best class available and find that a lot of folks felt that other classes were a little too much talking and not enough working, not the case here!

What you will learn:


  • Shop Safety (First and Foremost a safe class is priority no. 1)
  • Basic Techniques of Knife Making
  • How to grind and shape a knife
  • Forging Basics: Proper Hammering Technique, Critical Temperature, Quench
  • Hardening and Tempering
  • Free Hand Grinding a Convex Edge
  • Crafting a beautiful finished handle from a selection of exotic hardwoods and other materials of your choice.
What is provided:
  • 1095 High Carbon Steel for Blade Construction
  • An assortment of exotic hardwood handle material, bone, horn and synthetic materials as well
  • All the other necessary equipment and supplies to finish your knife
  • Full use of the Indy Hammed Knife Smithy, using the same tools and equipment, same method that I use to make all of my knives as well as 2:1 instruction from the owner of IHK (you can see my credentials on Our Story page) and a highly skilled craftsman / bladesmith who is also a partner, so a beautiful, fully completed, durable knife will be the result!
Work Environment:
  • An old world “Smithy” atmosphere with the benefits of the best equipment (take a peek in the shop by watching the Baptized by Fire video below)
  • Instructors of a 2:1 student ratio: James Wahls (owner / blacksmith), and Josh Wadsworth (Lead Instructor)
  • Knife Grinders
  • Surface Grinders
  • Bandsaws
  • Forge, Anvils, and Hammers
  • Heat Treating Equipment
  • Rest Room
What you will leave with:
  • A fully finished knife and Leather Sheath
  • An unforgettable and cherished experience
  • A new set of old world skills that will carry over into all applications of life
General Information:
  • After registration you will receive additional home study material as well as a liability waiver to be completed prior to scheduled class
  • You must be 18y/o to attend the class. If you are under 18 and over 14 y/o you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You should bring a notebook and pen to keep notes and tips
  • Students are required to wear safety glasses and respirators at times (which will be provided)
  • Appropriate footwear is required and will be checked at the beginning of the class (full ankle shoes, preferably leather boots if possible)
  • Students are encouraged to wear pants, jeans or canvas
  • Please bring snacks and any drinks that you may want to keep yourself hydrated as well as fueled.
For those who like to be as prepared as possible please pick up a copy of my most recommended read and sometimes considered the blacksmiths bible:
Lastly, if you don’t feel like the class is what you need to get started, enter the craft in your own home by purchasing the Complete Knife Making Kit:
Special Note: If you like what you see but want to see more, please visit our Facebook page to see all the previous students in action
Future dates will be posted soon for the remainder of the year. Please contact me with any additional questions at
Cancellation Policy: Extreme care and planning goes into every class with regards to supplies, schedules and instructors so that it is an amazing experience every time. No refunds will be given for cancelations.

Additional information

Class Dates (scroll down for more dates)

May 19th-20th (2023), June 10th-11th (2023), June 16th-17th (2023), June 23rd-24th (2023), Sold Out Classes (2023), January 27th-28th (2023), February 10th-11th (2023), February 18th-19th (2023), February 24th-25th (2023), March 11th-12th (2023), March 17th-18th (2023), April 1st-2nd (2023), April 14th-15th (2023), April 28th-29th (2023), May 6th-7th (2023)

52 reviews for Knife Making Classes

  1. Gibby

    Inaugural Knife Making Class with IHK
    One of a kind experience. Very little talking and a lot of hands on knife making. I couldn’t believe the knife that I had made at the end of the 2 days. Guaranteed warranty for life too. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life and I got to do it with 5 of my best friends. Thanks again James for the amazing experience. I look forward to the intermediate class sometime in the future.

  2. Wayne H.

    Knife making class at IHK
    This was an absolute blast. James was a amazing teacher and I would recommend this class to anyone. I can’t wait to go back and tackle another spectacular knife with my buddy’s.

  3. Michael I.

    Inaugural Knife Making Class with IHK
    Review by Michael I. on 17 Apr 2018review stating Inaugural Knife Making Class with IHKI had been watching knife makers on youtube for a long while before being invited (I think I made my friends interested in this) to the first ever class at IHK. I was blown away with the way the first class went and the knowledge I walked away with after the class. I thought I had seen or had done a lot in my little home forge but the time spent at IHK was far beyond anything I could have imagined. I had the opportunity to use tools that I had only seen and had the experience on these tools to make the decision to buy my own. The time spent on learning was a time that I could have never acquired without taking this class. I could have spent a lot of time and money on materials to end up just making scrap. This has helped me know what steps I need to take and the steps to be taken in the correct way to achieve a piece that will be in my family long after I am gone.

    If you just want to see what it is like in a forge or have aspirations of being a Smith then this is a must take class. This was my first of many times at IHK and to be able to do it with friends (I SHOULD SAY FAMILY) was an experience that will be with me forever. I have made a life long friend in James and the message he brings with his knowledge of making knifes makes this truly priceless to me. Thank you to IHK and James for the opportunity to make a knife that will live way longer than I will. Truly a God given talent James, Thank you!!!!! Read Less

  4. Eduardo S.

    An Amazing instructor!
    James has a true gift! I have spent time with James at his shop and he taught me to free hand grind. Has made huge improvements to my knifemaking!

    I have begun working on getting permission from my wife to attend! Two 8 hourdays at that price is steal!

  5. Jason W.

    Didn’t know I had it in me
    James is a fantastic teacher! His skill as a craftsman and his faith in God are truly inspiring. He has a high standard of quality, and he brings out the best in his students so they can hit his standards. I didn’t think I would be able to make a knife that looks as good as it does, but James did. His encouragement and method of teaching inspires the confidence needed to get at it and get it done right. The atmosphere at the smithy is relaxed and fun. IHK Knife Academe was an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m proud to have made such a nice piece that I can pass on to my kids one day! I can’t thank James and Heath enough. It was more than just a weekend class, I made some friendships that I hope will last as long as my knife! Read Less

  6. Guy L.

    Inaugural Knife Making Class
    Great experience and great fellowship with solid craftsmen. Each of us had different life experiences but one thing we all had in common was a commitment to making functional family heirlooms. The knife I made will be cherished and reminder of the time with great friends, crafting amazing knives with instructions from a fantastic mentor/craftsman. I will absolutely continue to work with IHK and James on more classes and bring my sons to the forge! Read Less

  7. Todd G.

    Knife classes
    I had a blast making my knife. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.

  8. Bill J.

    Excellent Class!
    This was a great weekend! James is an excellent teacher! The pace of the class is perfect. James is quick to help you feel comfortable with the entire process. I left with no question unanswered and an incredible knife.

  9. Todd H.

    What a fantastic experience!
    James is a great host and great instructor; very gracious and patient. The pacing couldn’t have been better and the entire two-day experience was just what the doctor ordered. James, I’m indebted to you. Thank you. I will be back for another class and plan to attend your Intermediate Class, too. (Oh, by the way, James also makes a great pot of cofRead more about review stating What a fantastic experience!fee!) Read Less

  10. Jordan K.

    Amazing experience
    The knife class was an awesome experience about learning the craft of knife making. The class is perfect for anyone who is even remotely interested in blacksmithing at all. You get to leave with a knife of your creating that’s high quality and will last a life time.

  11. Megan B.

    Academe Class
    Amazing introduction to class, looking forward to the next level!!

  12. Jane O.

    Blacksmith knight class
    I had a great time learning how to make a knife. I was learning with 4 other guys, James the instructor and Heath who helped the class. I came home with a beautiful and useful knife. As an alumni I am able to go back and make knife when the Smithy is open. I went back today and worked on the metal part of a new knife, James was also working several knifes and I was able to watch and review with him and then started mine. I am very relaxed and having fun doing my new found hobby. If you every get a chance to make a knife or work in a blacksmith shop, please do so. Jane Oakley-Cameron

  13. Ross P.

    Amazing experience
    Amazing experience

  14. Lee P.

    Lee P
    Great instruction, great time. Taught well and easy to understand. James is an easy spirit and open to questions. I learned so much in 2 days. I will be back for the next class!

  15. Theresa K.

    I’m next!
    Took my 15 year old for this class. And I have not seen him proud of himself in years. He was focused with the hands on learning. James and Keith did amazing job keeping my son from being too hard on himself when he missed up a little. They took time to explain what happened. How to fix it. And let him fix it. I am trying to talk either my husband to go with me. Or make a weekend with some of my girl friends! Wine and canvas who? Soda and steel.(well we can work on the name)

  16. Bill A.

    Great Experience
    Attended the Knife Academe this past weekend and I have to say it was amazing. James Wahls is not only a great Blade Smith but a great instructor as well. This is a hands on class, you smith the knife yourself, start to finish. Don’t expect James or Heath Gibson (His apprentice) do any of the work for you (trust me I asked) but they guide you ever step of the way. Be sure that you will leave with a beautiful handmade knife that you crafted. The current cost of this Academe is $250.00 it should be twice that. So hurry and sign up before they read this.

  17. ARTHUR C.

    Knife making Class
    Most excellent class. Well worth the cost

  18. Mike A.

    The Academe
    I went to build a very specific blade. As in the right tool for the right job, as the old saying goes. My expectations were not only met . But, were exceeded, many fold. I learned more in two days than I ever learned at another Blacksmithing school I had taken several years ago, and that was over twice as long. It’s amazing what you don’t see on forged in fire show. James lets you see do and yes accomplish it all. He is very kind and patient. The two days at the forge literally rolled by. It was a blast. He IMHO, has met his calling. If you have ever wanted to have a quality knife, learn something new or just accomplish a new venue or hobby. Sign up. James is not only a Master but a true gentleman. I cannot wait to have my own shop someday. Thanks to James and his Academe Crew. Mike A

  19. michael c.

    Knife Making Class Jan 2019
    What a great experience! Probably top 10 in my life. When I finished my knife I was ready to make another. James and Heath were excellent teachers. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants a once in a lifetime experience. You don’t have to know much of anything to come home with an exceptional knife that you made. Wow!

  20. Duane G.

    Duane Gibson
    I’ve learned a lot about knife building, had fellowship with great friends and our instructors were awesome! Grab your friends this is a do not miss class. You bring home a great knife best money spent for a two day adventure. Thanks again.

  21. Christian H.

    Great Class!!!
    Absolutely a great class! if you are interested in knife making; you need to check this class out. I had a blast and at the same time learned a great deal about knife making. James is a very good teacher; an excellent mentor and great craftsman!

  22. Randy D.

    Just finished my knife making class at Indy Hammered knives and I couldn’t be happier!! James and Heath did a FABULOUS job instructing the class. I learned so much from this class that I will use in making my own knives. I HIGHLY recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn knife making.

  23. Mark A.

    Father\Daughter Weekend
    I attended the Knife Academe Class this past weekend with my 15 year old daughter and we had an amazing weekend crafting our beautiful “handmade” knives with James and his apprentice Heath. The class is well laid out and at no point we were rushed to complete a step in the process. James’s teaching method of E.D.I (Educate, Demonstrate, Imitate) is great the step, shows you the step on the type of knife you are making then you do the step on your knife. My daughter did a great job using the equipment (forge, grinders, saws and drill press) for the first time in her life and was not the least bit intimidated. As a bonus my daughter purchased two throwing knives but James did not have any in stock so he allowed my daughter to forge, hammer and sharpen the throwing knives herself Sunday during the class in between the steps of making her “Holy Skinner”. I would highly recommend the class to other Father\daughters looking for a wonderful weekend experience.

  24. Nathan E.

    Awesome experience
    James did an amazing job of walking us through the steps of knife making and stood back and let us get to work. Constantly checking in with us while not distracting us. He did the perfect mix of teaching,showing,watching and enjoying us work on our knives. Keeping everyone engaged and teaching using the hands on method. I really enjoyed my knife making experience and look forward to taking another class to make another beautiful knife. By the way…his musical taste is awesome. Elo is the best band to listen to while making knives. Thanks James

  25. Derek S.

    Father/Son experience
    My 18 year old son has been asking to learn how to make a knife and so for Christmas I signed him up for the class but decided to take it along with him. We both could not have been more pleased with our first knife making experience. James is a gifted and patient teacher. He made the same knife we did to show us how along the way but never did a single thing to our knives. He would inspect and make recommendations, but all stages of the process were completed by us. James did not hold back any experience, trade secrets or tools. We used the same equipment and same process he uses on his knives. I highly recommend those interested to take this class. You are not coming out with a railroad spike you made into a knife, you leave with a beautiful, usable knife and a killer experience.

  26. Kate W.

    Husband can’t stop talking about it!
    I signed up for notifications for these classes when my husband said he would love to do something like make a knife, it took a few months to get a class opening but man the excitement he had all weekend going to these classes was worth it. He was a kid in a candy store and took a million pictures and sent them to friends and family saying how proud he was and explained how he was responsible for every aspect of how the knife was made. These classes were the perfect birthday gift for him and he wants to go back for sure. Thanks James!

  27. Isaac L.

    Knife making class
    Anxiously waiting for class to make my own knife along with my father and brother. July can’t come soon enough.

  28. Tim L.

    Feel I have found my calling.
    Review by Tim L. on 29 Apr 2019review stating Feel I have found my calling.I want to thank Jim for the class. It has been a long time since I looked forward to something. The classes filled up quickly and had to wait 4 months before my class. All I can say is it was well worth the wait. I always felt I had some amount of artistic talent. I just could not find the correct medium. I can’t stop thinking of all the possibilities that are awaiting to be forged from my own two hands.

  29. Paula

    Amazing class and opportunity!
    I was eager to take the knife making class and I loved every minute of it! James and Heath did an excellent job of explaining and guiding you through the knife making process. They never “take over” your work, as they allow you to fully experience making your own unique knife, but they are by your side to instruct, teach, and explain how to transfer raw materials into a beautiful knife you will be proud to say you made. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from someone as skilled and passionate about the trade as James is.

  30. joe w.

    Knife making class
    Have a class first week of August. Stopped by last week very impressed. August can’t come soon enough.

  31. Jim O.

    Made My Own Knife
    My son-in-law and I took the class and we really enjoyed it. Great instruction from James. He makes it easy to understand and do. The knives we made are all us, we did all the work, James just looks at them to give advice. The knife I made is not perfect, but it is mine. Highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to make a knife.

  32. Garry C.

    Awesome and informative class
    I just took James’s beginners class and it was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone interested in forging and learning the art metal work. I loved the experience. Thank you James

  33. Henry F.

    knife making class
    I completing James’ knifemaking class this past weekend. An absolutely incredible experience! I was particularly impressed by both his expertise and his attentiveness to the unique needs of each class member. His passion for knife making was evident every step of the way on the journey to making a knife I (and others) can truly be proud of. Definitely worth every penny!

  34. Grant G.

    Great Experience
    The class was amazing! James was a great teacher who let you work at your own pace and was available with any questions. His technique was easily explained and the end product was beyond anything I could of dreamed of. My friends don’t believe me that I made the knife in class. I cannot wait to used what I learned in the class at home and see what I can create. I would recommend this class to anyone.

  35. Henry

    Wonderful experience
    The first time I took the Indy Hammered Knives beginner class was such a great experience that I took it again this past week and have absolutely no regrets. James is a highly gifted teacher and mentor. I especially appreciated his focus on the needs, skills and limitations that each person brings to the class. Again, a wonderful experience and great teacher! Read Less

  36. Rick W.

    Knife Acedeme
    James is such a great human being, which translates into a great teacher. You are given so much knowledge in a way that is easily transferred into the finished product. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting the highest quality knife you can get. I will be back for more!!!

  37. David A.

    Great Experience!
    I took this class in August of 2019. James is an excellent teacher and he has all the equipment available to run this class for 6 students at the same time. It is fairly fast paced so pay attention while James is speaking. I came away from the class with a knife I am very proud of. I will be taking the class a second time in May of 2020. After tha I plan to start using the new expanded forge and will start making more knives on my own!

  38. Kirk S.

    A Fulfilling Experience – Knife Academe
    The class is well paced but you will work hard and achieve great reward. James is an amazing teacher who provides guidance that helps you create your own personal masterpiece. The small class sizes make the experience very personal. This exceeded my expectations in every way.

  39. Keith O.

    It was a gift from
    It was a gift from my wife but I have not done the class yet

  40. Tim G.

    Beyond expectations !!
    This class was a Valentines gift and one that I will have for a lifetime. I have the greatest respect for James and staff for what they do to ensure that everyone who attends this “class” is rewarded with not only an excellent knife, but with an excellent experience and valuable knowledge that is everlasting. I look forward to many more knife making ventures thanks to this class and all that the Indy Hammered Knives crew taught me. It’s an understatement to say that I highly recommend this class to anyone interested !! Read Less

  41. Clford23

    Knife making class
    what james says your getting from this class is exactly what you will plus more. This is a great experience with great people you will not be disappointed taking the knife making class you can’t be.

  42. Vasiliki V.

    An amazing and unique experience!
    Review by Vasiliki V. on 12 Jul 2020review stating An amazing and unique experience!If you are looking for a truly hands-on class knife making class, this is the one. Other than when checking our work, the instructors never touched our knives – we as students did every step for ourselves and we could not have been more thrilled with the class, and more importantly, the quality of our final products. From step one of choosing which knives we would make and up to the final sanding, this class was built to give each student high level instruction while also allowing for creativity and exploration and you can clearly tell the intentionality and purpose in the creation and instruction of the course. James was a phenomenal teacher. The length and challenge level of the class was absolutely perfect. I cannot recommend this class enough!

  43. Matthew P.

    Can’t wait to take the
    Can’t wait to take the knife making class! So cool that this is offered!

  44. Mark B.

    Amazing time!
    Really enjoyed this class and all the information it provided. If you use or enjoy knives, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. It does not disappoint!

  45. KIM c.

    not used yet, bought certificate
    not used yet, bought certificate

  46. Matthew B.

    Great Experience!
    Great concept, great experience; wonderful instruction and customer service. Highly recommend!

  47. Tim M.

    Great customer service, willing to
    Great customer service, willing to work with you, & very accommodating!

  48. Thomas

    Just what I was looking for
    I couldn’t have been more happy to join the class. I am writing the review a few years later as I didn’t know I could write one here but did write one on google. I enjoyed the class so much and always talked about it with my wife that she bought me another class! For anyone looking to learn about the craft, this is an excellent place to do it. James is very friendly and helpful which makes the experience great for beginners. Would suggest this class to anyone who gets the opportunity and it looking for a laid back, hands on knife making experience.

  49. Chris G.

    An Awesome Class
    Never would have imagined that I would have made a knife, let alone one that looks this fantastic. A great shop with all the cool tools, and superb instructors with patience and no rush atmosphere. If you ever wanted to learn how to make a knife, DON’T HESITATE- sign up now, you won’t ever regret it. Not only a knife I will enjoy using and showing off, but one to be proud to hand down for generations. Thanks Guys!

  50. Harold F.

    Knife Class
    Really enjoyed the class. Learned a lot to improve my skills. I would recommend this class for anyone even if they have NEVER made a knife. Thank You.

  51. Thomas M.

    Knife making class
    Fantastic class! It was a very fun and educational experience. The Instructors are great and very knowledgeable, you will get to do eveything yourself for your knife and really learn by doing as well as reciveing detailed instructions and visual demonstrations. I can’t speak highly enough about the working/learning environment, it’s feels laid back and stress free where you can just get down to work and the nerves will just melt away as you get started. If your on the fence about it just do it!

  52. Kelly P.

    Christmas Gift
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He is looking forward to making his knife in April. Purchasing this gift was easy on the website and communication has been incredible as the class date approaches.

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