• Amboyna Burl Knife Scales


    Amboyna Burl Knife Scales - Book Matched Set

    These knife scales are part of the full line of knife making supplies that Indy Hammered Knives are now offering in addition to the complete knife making kit.

    *Book Matched means the grain runs true and through both pieces (set of two) see pictures above*

    • 3/8th" thick (x) 1-1/2" wide (x) 5" long
    • Book Matched Set (set of two)
    • Does not require stain or dye to achieve the colors pictured
    • Recommended Sealer: Clear or Natural Danish Oil
    • Please note: The pictured wood is a sample and not the actual ones shipped but just as beautiful guaranteed.

    Latin: Pterocarpus Indicus  Origin: Southeast Asia, East Indies - Philippines

    Amboyna is absolutely one of my most favorite mediums for all of my knives. Not that we need more proof of such a wonderfully skillful Grand Architect or Creator of the Universe but this is certainly a splendid example of His mighty work! We are very lucky to have such a glorious product to compliment our craftful work in making lifetime utility art. Exotic with its deep red to reddish brown "swirls and curls" within the compressed grain make it not only beautiful but extremely dense, naturally oily, and hard, reducing any chance of shrinking or splitting, making it very easy to work with. This choice selection of wood will last as long as your hand forged blade making it a multiple lifetime piece.

    Amboyna is named after "Ambon" the general and original area of where much of this material was originally found in Southeast Asia. Coming from Padauk trees the burl, which is the rarest to find, and considered the unnatural part of any tree due to it's unnatural state or cancerous growth, is harvested from the base or trunk of the tree when found.

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