• Camping Tripod - Hand Forged


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    Three Piece Hand Forged Campfire Cooking Tripod

    Fresh from the forge is the new 3 piece campfire cooking tripod and is essential for your next adventure!!

    The sweet smells of an open fire  , cooking up your favorite, most special chili recipe can only be complete with this hand forged open fire tripod.

    Comes complete with three legs and a hand forged s-hook to hang your favorite Dutch oven pot!

    Set up is quick and easy and reminiscent of times past!! Plus you can be extra proud to display your hand made cook ware at your next camp that supports the small USA blacksmith and doesn't look like everyone else's cheap chinese amazon tripod.

    You can also upgrade to have your set come with a handmade canvas travel bag to make transport and storage a breeze!

    Happy Camping this year!!!

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