• Brass Mosaic Pin Kit


    DIY Brass Mosaic Pin Kit

    DIY - Brass Mosaic Pin Kit

    So to help answer the question - "James do you reeeeeeeealy make those beautiful mosaic pins that you put in all of your knives?"

    "Well.......yes, yes I do and I would like to teach you how as well!!!"

    Below you can watch the brief tutorial that I put together for you to make your own beautiful and very unique mosaic pins!!!

    Why would you ever want to do this? Well here are just a few reasons:

    1. You can call yourself a lapidariest once you have learned how and made your first pin!!! (Very cool)

    2. You can save a ton of money by making these yourself (also very, very cool)

    3. You can truly say that every piece of your hand made knife was made by you (other than the blade but that's just until I start teaching classes) - The coolest!!!

    (*Special Note - you are saving 50% off the cost off buying one of my finished pins by making this yourself, AND over 65% off any other retail pins, AND most importantly this kit is THE ONLY one available ANYWHERE and is an IHK Exclusive just for the very coolest customers in the world!!!) 

    Well, exclusive until "Man Crates" tries to copy this kit just like all of my other kits! Ha ha, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

    The Kit Includes

    • (2) Glass Vials of 2 part Flex Epoxy (pre-dyed black - other colors coming soon)
    • (1) Measuring (Medicine Cup)
    • 1 - Round 1/4" x 0.14" x 12" long brass tube
    • 1 - Square Brass 3/32" x 0.14" x 12" long tube
    • 1 - Square Brass 5/32" x 0.14" x 12" long tube
    • 1 - Solid Brass Rod 1/16" x 12 " long
    • 8 - Solid Brass Rods 0.032" x 12" long
    So please take a second to review the video and then just place your order, easy peasy!!!

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