• Knife Making Classes

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    Knife Making Classes

    Knife Academe by Indy Hammered Knives

    Well, thanks be to God! The much anticipated and requested classes are finally available. Meticulous planning and preparations have been made and tweaked in order for you to have the most amazing experience entering into the old world craft of hand forging knives.

    Have you watched enough YouTube videos, been intrigued by the show Forged in Fire, or had a unfulfilled dream of working steel into an artistic, multi-generational and timeless piece to be handed down in your family for some time now but not sure how to get started. Well, here it is.

    You will start with raw materials and within two 8 hour days, leave with a finished knife. One to be very proud of! One that I will consider an honor to have my "crossed IHK hammers" on as well by successfully passing on a set of skills worthy! 

    (Take a look for yourself at the inaugural class knives in the last picture above). 

    Please note - this is a working class, not a talking class! (I will teach using a method of E.D.I.(Educate, Demonstrate, Imitate). We have taken a lot of time to make this the best class available and find that a lot of folks felt that other classes were a little too much talking and not enough working, not the case here!

    What you will learn:

    • Shop Safety (First and Foremost a safe class is priority no. 1)
    • Basic Techniques of Knife Making
    • How to grind and shape a knife
    • Forging Basics: Proper Hammering Technique, Critical Temperature, Quench
    • Hardening and Tempering 
    • Free Hand Grinding a Convex Edge
    • Crafting a beautiful finished handle from a selection of exotic hardwoods and other materials of your choice.
    What is provided:
    • 1095 High Carbon Steel for Blade Construction
    • An assortment of exotic hardwood handle material, bone, horn and synthetic materials as well
    • All the other necessary equipment and supplies to finish your knife
    • Full use of the Indy Hammed Knife Smithy, using the same tools and equipment, same method that I use to make all of my knives as well as 2:1 instruction from the owner of IHK (you can see my credentials on Our Story page) and a highly skilled craftsman / bladesmith who is also a partner, so a beautiful, fully completed, durable knife will be the result!
    Work Environment:
    • An old world "Smithy" atmosphere with the benefits of the best equipment (take a peek in the shop by watching the Baptized by Fire video below)
    • Instructors of a 2:1 student ratio: James Wahls (owner / blacksmith), Heath Gibson (partner/cmo)
    • Knife Grinders
    • Surface Grinders
    • Bandsaws
    • Forge, Anvils, and Hammers
    • Heat Treating Equipment
    • Rest Room
    What you will leave with:
    • A fully finished knife and Leather Sheath
    • An unforgettable and cherished experience 
    • A new set of old world skills that will carry over into all applications of life
    General Information:
    • After registration you will receive additional home study material as well as a liability waiver to be completed prior to scheduled class
    • You must be 18y/o to attend the class. If you are under 18 and over 14 y/o you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • You should bring a notebook and pen to keep notes and tips 
    • Students are required to wear safety glasses and respirators at times (which will be provided)
    • Appropriate footwear is required and will be checked at the beginning of the class (full ankle shoes, preferably leather boots if possible)
    • Students are encouraged to wear pants, jeans or canvas
    • Please bring snacks and any drinks that you may want to keep yourself hydrated as well as fueled.

    The price of the class is an introductory price and will be going up soon. Class sizes are limited to 5 and will fill up quickly. Future dates will be posted soon for the remainder of the year. Please contact me with any additional questions at jamesc.wahls@gmail.com


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