• Hand Forged Arrow Heads - Bodkin Style (set of 3)


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    Bodkin Style Hand Forged Arrow Heads

    Fresh from the forge!!! High Carbon Steel Arrow Heads (set of three). Great for your kit and / or backpack. Why make a frog or fish gig when you can get this awesome steel arrow head for this great price!!! Packs well and can be easily sharpened to a razors edge. Very unique and simple to use by lashing to any stick or pole. You pick, it comes with a nice burlap sack to carry them in or they store nicely in a steel hinged tin (see pictured options)

    Hand Forged Arrow Heads - Bodkin Style (Set of 3)

    • Approx 3" Long
    • 25 Grams (or 386 grains) weight per arrow head
    • 5/16" Opening Diameter
    • 1075 High Carbon Steel
    • 60 RHC
    • Choose either burlap sack or antiqued 100% Steel Tin

    The name comes from the Old English word bodkin or bodekin, a type of sharp, pointed dagger. Arrows of the long bodkin type were used by the Vikings and continued to be used throughout the Middle Ages. The bodkin point eventually fell out of use during the 16th and 17th centuries, as armour largely ceased to be worn and firearms took over from archery.t has been suggested that the bodkin came into its own as a means of penetrating armour, but research by the Royal Armouries has found no hardened bodkin points, though only two bodkin points were actually tested, not a statistically relevant number. Bodkins did, however, have greater ability to pierce mail armour than broadheads, and historical accounts do speak of bodkin arrows shot from close range piercing plate armour. Broadheads were made from steel, sometimes with hardened edges, but were more often used against lightly armoured men or horses than against an armoured adversary.

    In a modern test, a direct hit from a steel bodkin point penetrated Damascus chain armour, although at point blank range. Some recent tests have demonstrated that needle bodkins could penetrate all but heavy steel plate armour; one test used padded "jack" armour, coat of plates, iron and steel mail and steel plate. A needle bodkin penetrated every type, but may not have been able to inflict a lethal injury behind plate. 


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