• Olive Wood Knife Scales


    Olive Wood Knife Scales - Book Matched Set

    These knife scales are part of the full line of knife making supplies that Indy Hammered Knives are now offering in addition to the complete knife making kit.

    *Book Matched means the grain runs true and through both pieces (set of two) see pictures above*

    • 3/8th" thick (x) 1-1/2" wide (x) 5" long
    • Book Matched Set (set of two)
    • Does not require stain or dye to achieve the colors pictured
    • Recommended Sealer: Clear or Natural Danish Oil
    • Please note: The pictured wood is a sample and not the actual ones shipped but just as beautiful guaranteed.

    Latin: Olea europaea  Origin: Mediterranean
    Olive Wood is an ancient wood that has “roots” going back to the holy city of Bethlehem and continues to be a staple product in that town for the residents who carve it. Carving Olive Wood and making handicrafts with it began in the early 4th Century following the construction of the Church of the Nativity. The Greek Orthodox monks were the first teachers of the craft to locals of how to use and carve olive wood. This tradition as been passed on generation after generation and is dominated by the descendants of the original local carvers.
    It is readily available in this area but due to the West Bank sometimes travel and transport makes it difficult to obtain.
    Maybe one of my most favorite parts of working with olive wood, which has its own rich and very distinct colors and contrasts of gold, this very dense and slow growing wood makes it very hard and so incredibly floral when cutting and sanding (when working in olive wood the whole shop smells just like roses!!!!).

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