• Paleolithic Stone Knife by IHK


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    The Paleolithic Stone Knife by IHK

    Although some historians put this type of blade at 75,000 years since it's first introduction into the modern world, I believe it to be about 5,000 years as the first mention in the Bible is Joshua 5:2  At that time the Lord said to Joshua, “Make flint knives and circumcise the sons of Israel a second time." (and thank God we are more modern today and use something other than this for circumcisions, but then again those were some real men!!!!!)

    This perfectly knapped knife blade is made from beautiful agate ranging in so many colors to list but ranges from tan to jet black (obsidian). All are very usable and the razors edges make it perfectly useful. (Just let me know your preference in the notes and I will do my best to match what you would like)

    The handle is hafted into a highly polished and perfectly fitted Indiana (LaGrange, Indiana) deer antler shed. The crown is highly polished and is ready for your personal scrimshaw design. (If you would like me to just shoot me a note!

    Now like any knife, a sheath is a must and I do believe this to be the only one available anywhere for this price to include a beautifully hand crafted, hand sewn leather sheath.

    • Handmade, knapped pure Agate Stone Blade
    • 9 3/4 inch overall (aprox. as sizes vary a little)
    • 4 inch blade (aprox)
    • Handmade premium leather sheath w/ standard belt loop
    Bury this baby in your back 40 and I'm not sure that an archeologist would know whether this was new or 5,000 years old (other than carbon dating and dna testing the antler!)

    Whether on you desk or on your hip, you will be the only one with something like this that you know!!!!

    Special Note: This was the answer to my 3rd most frequently asked questions asked at all of my shows:

    Question 1: Where are you from?    Answer: Paducah Kentucky.......Just kidding Indianapolis, i.e Indy Hammered Knives

    Question 2: Do you make rail road spike knives: Answer: Why?........Just recently changed to yes since I have brand new steel spikes cut for me so I can insure the forging process is perfect.

    Question 3: Do you make stone blades?  Answer: Previous Answer was always no, since I'm a black smith and not an indigenous indian, but now I can say a resounding Yes, why yes indeed I do!

    As always, thank you for the awesome questions!!!!!! All questions help IHK be more every day!!!

    God Bless
    Indy Hammered Knives